Water Plants for the Garden

Water Plants

Water plants are a great way to add that needed attention to any water feature. Most wetland plants prefer moist soils and do the best in sandy soil that can retain moisture. The plants can grow in full suns or part shade and do their best in zones three to ten. With so many water plants to choose from, it would be impossible to find an excellent variety to grow near or around your pond or lake.

Water Willows are found growing on bodies of water such as ponds, lakes, streams, and rivers. This plant will do great in areas that have moisture and also in sandy soil conditions. It will grow to be around 2 ½ feet tall and provide a beautiful white flower in bloom. This plant will usually bloom during the summer months of the year.

Another good water plant has some height to it. The sweet flag is a tall grower reaching heights of up to four or more feet and grow in wet soils. It is an excellent perennial that will grow back each year. Growing small to two feet tall and can also be around 1 foot wide when mature. It will do great around water gardens and also when planted in lakes and ponds. This plant will provide a very natural look to all gardens. It will even give beautiful yellowish green colored flowers when in bloom. This plant will bloom in the latter part of spring on into the early part of the summer.

The water willow, sweet flag, pond lily, cattail are just a few water plants that can yield an elegant and peaceful look to any pond or lake around one's home or property. Native grasses and water plants can turn any pond, lake, or stream into a masterpiece with the correct location. Not only do the grasses and water plants make an area looks good, but they also are beneficial to the aquatic life located in the area. Marine life can lay their eggs, feel safe and feed off of the fibrous roots.

Using Water Plants

Having a beautiful water garden and area is a homeowner's dream. It can be created very quickly using beautiful water plants, and the project will look outstanding. Choose water plants to make sure that they will survive in the conditions that they will grow. Several varieties grow in shallow water, and some may require more in-depth water conditions. Some great ones will do great in areas that will have moist soil conditions. Water plants will also work wonders on large ponds, lakes, and even on river banks and help wonderfully with that terrible soil erosion problem. There are also some of these beautiful plants that will supply gorgeous blooms when they grow. The colors available are red, yellow, white, and purple. 

The  Water willow is impressive when planted around the edge of a lake or pond and will grow where the water is shallow. Water plants for a personal water garden are beautiful and will not take a lot of care. 

Wild Blue Lupine, Red Cardinal Flower, and Whorled Loosestrife will look fabulous planted around a water garden and add significant yellow, red, and lavender colors when in bloom. The Pickerelweed will also have a gorgeous purple flower and will look amazing as it blooms. When considering water plants, it is best to order from online nurseries with experience growing this type of plant. They supply the plant and care for all of their water plants. Also, they can offer this kind of plant in large and small amounts, so if someone is looking to plant around a large pond or lake, they can order enough plants to complete the project with ease. You can create water gardens to look very natural when beautiful water plants are added to the pond of water and also scattered around the outside of the enclosure.

Gardening Equipment

Many alternatives exist to gardening by hand. Age, disability, or a tight schedule can limit our ability to garden the old-fashioned way. While a spade, shovel, hand tiller, and elbow grease are enough for many gardeners to have, there are alternatives. Agricultural technologies have made many advances in gardening and landscaping tools to help save time or make the job easier. 

For basic landscaping needs, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, and weed eaters will make lawn beautification a much quicker and easier task than hand tools and push mowers. There are even leaf sweepers now, which act as a vacuum to gather leaves and other yard debris in a container or bag for you to dispose of at a later time. This newer age equipment can be somewhat pricey, though. When shopping for new equipment, tools, or other gardening needs, you want to be mindful of researching brands and stores before you go. You also want to make sure you need the equipment and what you need it for. So you need to start with what project you need the stuff for and then get quality. 

While these inventions will make your life a lot more comfortable and your yard much more beautiful, you also want to keep in mind that effort is still needed to keep your garden and landscape to the level you want it to beat. Some handy tools you must have include digging forks, small shovels, rakes, a good set of small and large pruners, and a wheelbarrow. All of these smaller, fewer expensive tools make things a lot easier. More significant pieces of equipment such as lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and leaf sweepers can come in handy as well. Keep in mind to buy tools and equipment suited for the size and need of your landscape. Enjoy trying out some of the incredible inventions that have shown up in the past few years and see how they can make your yard work much more accessible!