Buckeye Tree | TN

Buckeye Tree | TN

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Buckeye Tree

The Buckeye Tree (Aesculus) can grow to a mature height of 50 feet in zones 4 thru 9 while the growth rate is at a medium speed this adaptable tree can be planted in soil conditions where others trees will not thrive. If so desired this ornamental tree can be placed in situations of less sun to become more of a shrub than the taller version trees.

Buckeye Tree traits:

This particular tree can survive even in circumstances that would kill another species of tree and after becoming fully established is extremely hard to kill. Those traits help to give it popularity for parks and nature areas around the country. The larger leaves will resemble that of a palm making this tree an exciting addition to your landscape. Gardeners will cherish this majestic tree as either a centerpiece or placed along the edge of your lawn for accenting.

Buckeye Tree considered among the prized ornamental trees:

One of the landscaper's more popular shade trees, the Buckeye Tree can be one of nature's more treasured ornamental trees. Varieties include Ohio Buckeye and Yellow Buckeye, but each tree will produce the distinctive buckeye seed, so nicknamed by the Native Americans because of the resemblance to a male deer eye. Those seeds of the Buckeye encased inside a hard husk, while considered to be valuable good luck charms, are poisonous and the young leaves of the tree. After the fruit of the Buckeye, a tree has ripened fully, can open that fruit to reveal three separate shiny seeds.

Buckeye Trees, a member of the horse chestnut family:

This beautiful shade tree provides the landscape with vibrant green foliage early in the season, with the addition of yellow flowers in the spring drawing hummingbirds to the bright color and sweet nectar. The deep green of the leaves will be replaced in the fall with a beautiful golden orange color and the unique seed-bearing spiny fruit.

Buckeye Tree Lore:

The glossy smooth seed from the tree has long been thought to bring good luck to those who carry one in their pocket or rub them. While it seems more a case of mind over matter, the Buckeye continues to be hailed as a good symbol. From our early ancestors to today's children, the lucky Buckeye is cherished for its magical ability to bring good fortune to those who possess them.

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