Creating A Butterfly Garden

Creating A Butterfly Garden

Wholesale Nurseries best selling Butterfly plants

1. Jewelweed

2. Trumpet vines

3. Wisteria

4. Red Cardinal flower

5. Blazing star

Creating A Butterfly Garden

Creating a beautiful garden where those fabulous and magical creatures known as the butterfly can come is fun and a great thing to do. It will bring lots of colors and life to the area and make it burst with activity during the spring and summer months of the year. Many flowering plants will attract these beautiful creatures, and it will be fantastic to sit and watch them. They will flutter from flower to flower and collect food and nectar from each one. They will love brightly colored plants, and the plants will add a splendid amount of color to a dull area. Some plants that work great in a butterfly garden are Phlox, Anise Hyssop, Coneflowers, Blue Cohosh, and Butterfly Bush. All of these plants are great because they will grow each year to welcome those beautiful butterflies. These gardens will work great if the gardener picks flowers that grow and thrive in the same soil conditions. Phlox and Coneflowers will grow great together because they like the same soil types and growing conditions. Phlox and coneflowers both come in a wide variety of colors and can be selected so they will brighten all gardens and attract butterflies. Another great combination is the Anise Hyssop, and when planted with the Black-Eyed Susan, they will look amazing with purple and yellow colors. Online plant nurseries are the perfect way to go when looking to purchase these plants. They can provide lots of information needed for the gardener to ensure that these plants grow and become very healthy. They will give all the growing conditions that it takes for these plants to grow and thrive. They will also offer them so you can purchase them several at a time instead of individually. It is excellent because the gardener or homeowner will have enough plants to fill the garden and be beautiful when fully grown.