Growing a Vegetable Garden

Growing a Vegetable Garden

Why Should You Consider Growing a vegetable garden?

Garden is more than just a hobby; it's an ancient art born out of the necessity of providing food for the body and the soul. Despite the modern practice of buying one's vegetables at the local grocery, the art of growing a vegetable garden is still alive and well, and not just on commercial farms.

In today's world, vegetable gardening is a fantastic way to save money and eat well, no matter where you live. It doesn't matter what climate area you live in or whether you own a home or live in an apartment; vegetable gardening is not only possible, but it will positively enhance your life.

Human beings have complex digestive systems, and experts agree that the bulk of our diet should be vegetables with some grains and meat or proteins served up for good measure. That can be pretty difficult to manage in our society. The least expensive foods also tend to be the least nutritious, and the delicious foods, such as fresh produce, tend to be prohibitively expensive.

The reason is that when you go to the supermarket to buy vegetables, you are paying for far more than the product itself. You're paying for the labor, science, time, and equipment used to produce the plants and transport them to the grocery store. If you grow vegetables yourself, you cut out the middle-man altogether.

Growing your vegetables yourself is pretty inexpensive. A packet of zucchini seeds, for example, costs less than $2.00. Humus (fertilizer) and good quality soil can both be purchased for as little as $1.75 a bag, and the only things you need beyond that are either an appropriate sized container or space to plant it in the ground, sunlight and water.

Low-income families utilizing the Food Stamps Program may be happy to learn that you can use the Independence Card to purchase packets of vegetable seeds. One package of zucchini seeds can potentially produce enough zucchini to feed half the neighborhood!

One of the beautiful things about gardening organically is that you don't have to worry about pesticides or genetically modified vegetables. Everything is wholesome and healthy and tastes fantastic. Nothing compares to the flavor of an organic tomato, still a little warm from the sun.

For families on tight budgets, organic gardening as a family hobby provides learning opportunities and entertainment for children. It reduces food costs while increasing the overall quality of life for every family member.

Gardening is a skill that can feed a whole family or, at the very least, reduce their food costs significantly.

Even if your family isn't struggling to make ends meet, growing a vegetable garden is a prudent thing to do. Consider this: teaching a child to cook gives him the skill to feed him for a day. Showing a child to the garden gives him an ability that will feed him for life!