Planting A Bit Of Privacy

Planting A Bit Of Privacy

Most of the time,shrubs tend to get a bad rep. Just because it’s a shrub doesn’t mean it can’t bring beauty and serenity to your life. Your peace and privacy are probably at the top of the list of most important things to you in life. Sometimes you have to forge your moments, and shrubs can help with that issue.

It’s widespread for bushes and shrubs to be used as a catalyst for landscaping and design. They set boundaries between you and your neighbors. They provide shade and separation from the world outside. Everyone needs a place to relax and process the day. Shrubs can help you achieve that space. Here is a quick synopsis of some of the best bushes and shrubs to use when creating your peaceful backyard getaway. Perennials are a great idea, too, with color returning each year.

Honeysuckle Shrubs

Most people are familiar with the excellence of the Honeysuckle shrub. There are over one hundred different species when it comes to honeysuckle, but only about twenty of those are native to our area of the world. The sweet scent that radiates from this plant in the blooming months is unbeatable. You can be sure that honeysuckle will add a calming element to your retreat area.

The maintenance isn’t too bad on these plants. They increase, so you’ll need to keep up with pruning and trimming. You will also want to ensure that each plant has ample room to grow when plotting out planting designs. About three feet between each plant should be sufficient.

Forsythia Shrubs

If you want to add a "Bob Ross" type of quality to the color scheme of your yard, then the Forsythia shrub will most definitely fulfill that desire. These bushes bring color to the dead and desolation of the colder months; Their vibrant yellows give high contrast to winter's brown and barren surroundings. They need a lot of sunlight. Watering isn't even too much of an issue, as this bush can live off of very little. They'll live through almost anything.

Redtwig Dogwood


Another shrub you can expect practical growth from is the Redtwig Dogwood. It's bushy and great for providing privacy barriers in the warmer months of the year. The Redtwig Dogwood sheds all of its leafy greens and berries in the winter months, but what remains is stunning. Deep red branches are reaching stiff towards the sky. If you're growing the Redtwig and the Forsythia in the same area, you can be sure that your yard will be stunning all year round