Squirrel Corn Plant: An Overview of This Unique Wildflower

Squirrel Corn Plant: An Overview of This Unique Wildflower


Squirrel Corn Plant is a plant that looks like a corn plant, but the leaves are small and peanut shaped. This plant is native to Florida and grows wild in the woodlands. It has yellow flowers, which turn into peanuts when they mature. Its scientific name is Dicentra canadensis. The article delves into how to grow this plant and its importance.

Its Benefits

This plant is very good at repelling and killing off pesky insects and weeds, making it helpful in controlling rogue plants that can destroy your Perennial Gardens.

In addition, the flowers are edible, but the leaves are bitter.

Moreover, according to research, this plant has antioxidants that fight against damaging factors and prevent damage throughout the body.

Also, it will help improve digestion, enhance memory, and lower blood pressure.

The plant is very useful in making tea rich in antioxidants to boot.

Taking Care of Squirrel Corn Plant

Squirrel corn is a slow grower, but it feeds off the sunlight and the nutrients in the soil. It only needs a little watering since this is done during rainfall. When handling the plant, you must be aware of the spiny parts on the leaves. Make sure to wear a pair of gloves when moving this around so you do not get hurt.

You need to root it from seeds or pot up your leaves to grow them into plants to propagate this plant. The soil should be acidic and rich in potash. Just add peat moss or leaf mold to the soil. It would be best to pinch off dead leaves as they fall off so your plant can develop better and produce more flowers. When harvest time comes, separate the seeds from their pods.


Squirrel Corn Plant is a good plant for different vegetables in salads. It does well in the woods and other trees, so if you are looking for a plant that looks like a corn plant, you should try this one out.