Sustainable Energy Resources

Sustainable Energy Resources

Aren't you tired of your power company's poor treatment of its customers? In most areas, you don't even get to choose your power company. You can connect your home to the grid and pay whatever the power company says you owe, or you can try to enjoy life with no electricity. Well, we call that a monopoly, and we do not have it. If you'd like to stick it to your power company, take advantage of one of these sustainable energy resources. Depending on your situation, you may even generate enough electricity to sell power to the power company -- or disconnect your home from the grid entirely and love mother nature and all its benefits.

Hydroelectric Power

Do you have a river or creek running through your property? Install a hydroelectric turbine to convert the kinetic energy of the running water into usable electricity. A fast-moving river can quickly generate enough electricity to power an entire home comfortably -- and the installation cost of a hydroelectric turbine is often under $10,000. If you have access to moving water, hydroelectric power is the least expensive -- and among the most reliable -- of all alternatives; Energy sources. This nursery is saving money with solar power.

Solar Power

If you don't live near running water, your next best bet may be to harness the sun's power and generate energy with solar panels. The upside of installing solar panels is that virtually every home can utilize sunlight to make solar energy for several hours every day. The downside is that solar panel installation can be expensive. If you'd like solar power to satisfy all of your home's energy needs, you'll probably need more than 100 square feet of solar panels -- and the installation cost will likely be over $25,000. In other words, it could be decades before the system pays for itself.

On the bright side, you may be able to get your power company to pay part of the cost of installing solar panels if your home remains connected to the grid. That way, the power company can buy power from you when you aren't using it. An additional benefit of keeping your home on the network is that you can resume purchase power at night when your solar panels aren't generating electricity. You can install a battery system for energy storage and disconnect your home from the grid instead, but it'll cost more. Trees provide much-needed oxygen.

Power Saving Box

Have you see those late-night TV ads for "power-saving boxes?" The ads claim that you can connect one to your home, and magically you'll see lower power bills because your appliances will use the grid more efficiently. It turns out that power-saving boxes aren't all smoke and mirrors. Many devices draw power from the grid in pulses. A power-saving box aligns merely the pulses, causing your appliances to pull power simultaneously. Between pulses, the box's capacitors store reserve energy. The homes that benefit most from power-saving boxes tend to have many motors, such as air conditioners and refrigerators.

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