The Utilization of Live Stakes

The Utilization of Live Stakes

Plant Live Stakes Near Water For Fast Growing Trees

If you would like to enhance landscaping and have streams, lakes, ponds, or other wetland areas you would like to preserve, consider using  live stakes. Live stakes are taken as cuttings from a live-growing plant. Stripped of their vegetation, they are then cut to size and used primarily to stabilize the soil. Their function in landscaping is invaluable. Not only do they effectively control erosion, but this method is also conducive to providing a habitat for wildlife as well.

You can use live stakes in several ways. The most common way to use them would be as a border for ponds, streams, lakes, and other wetland areas where erosion may occur. They help bind the soil together, and the root system they provide will help stabilize the soil and remove excess moisture.

There are many types of hardwood live stake cuttings. The best ones to choose would be:

Silky Dogwood-This tree grows into a beautiful Spring flowering hedge that will enhance any area. The silky dogwood is easy to grow with a healthy root system. 

River Birch-This tree is an excellent choice for landscaping as it grows well in moist areas. The river birch is natural to grow and has a unique, robust root system. 

Black Willow-These trees will grow to be quite tall and are quite lovely to look at. They are also helpful to shade trees when they mature. Choosing black willow stakes would be a good bet as they thrive in moist areas and are known for their strong roots.

The best time to use live stakes would be in the dormant season, but you can plant them any time of the year. To ensure proper planting, soaking before planting is recommended. The best adviser for the planting techniques and methods would be your greenhouse supplier or online website. There are many types of live stakes available, and there are many reasons to use them. If you would like years of enjoyment and pleasure from your landscaping, consider this option for enhancement. You and your family will be pleasantly surprised to see the beauty and the functionality of these landscaping ideas for years to come. As you look at your property, you will be glad you used these options to make your home and property both unique and lovely to look at. If you decide to enhance your landscaping, please consider the choice of live stakes for your wetland areas.