Water Irrigation System

Water Irrigation System

Low Water Irrigation System

Low water irrigation is a great way to keep your plant's taken care of and conserve water at the same time. The system is designed to water plants slowly, at the root level. Water is directly over the base of the plant rather than over the entire planted area. Sometimes called drip irrigation, micro-irrigation, or trickle irrigation, it had its start in agriculture.

Since the late 1960s, low water irrigation helped farmers increase crop production while using less water. In the 1980s, it was transitioned into commercial landscaping. Today, it is mainly used in agriculture but also industrial landscaping and residential gardens.

Benefits of a low water irrigation system include using 30-50% less water than standard methods, including sprinklers. Water conservation can be a huge benefit, especially in drought-prone areas.

Continuous flow over a more extended period will also ensure the water reaches the roots, where it's needed, and promote root growth. Because water is only going where it's needed, it can discourage weed growth and also help control fungus and water-borne pests, like mosquitos. Less water over a longer time frame can provide ideal growing conditions, limiting erosion and nutrient runoff.

With this type of system, you won't need to move sprinklers around, and a timer can also be added, limiting the time and effort required to maintain your plants or garden. Not only will it help lower your water use, but it can also help save you money. Buy landscaping plants to enhances your lawn for years.

You can customize a drip irrigation system to each specific planting. It is perfect for various types of landscapes, including hills and slopes, odd-shaped areas, and even wind-prone sites. Whether you are starting from scratch or modifying an existing planting, you can easily adjust this type of system to fit your needs.

As with anything, there may be disadvantages. Some include the fact that you can't see the system like you would a standard gardening sprinkler. Mice and pets may dig or chew on the tubing or hose. Watering may also be more critical to reduce stress to the plants, as you are limited to a smaller area.

Because there are multiple types of systems, make sure that you research which one will work best for you. Most are easily assembled, so a first-time gardener should not have much difficulty.

Remember, when installing any water irrigation system, keep trees, shrubs, and plants away from the lines.