What Is Sideoats Gama Grass

What Is Sideoats Gama Grass

Sideoats Gama Grass, also known as Bouteloua Curtipendula, is a rare native grass that is a popular addition to many home and office gardens. It usually blooms during the summer and is known for its gorgeous purple and red anthers, making it easy to spot from a long distance away. In addition, this plant can also make an excellent foundation for your home or office landscape. Some bracts hang beautifully from the stem's sides, contrasting beautifully with the white stigmas that reach out from the top of the grass. Then, when the seeds of this plant begin to dry, they look like oats, thus the name. Why has this Gama Grass become so popular?

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The Sideoats Gama Grass Grows Almost Anywhere

It is grass that grows well in warmer temperatures, making it perfect for the southeastern United States, including Tennessee. When the soil starts to warm up, this grass thrives. It grows across North and South America, acting as a food host for many smaller animals. In addition, it grows well in wet and dry climates, making this a low-maintenance plant.

Furthermore, Sideoats Grass is also well under a variety of light conditions. While this plant does well in dry, sunny climates, it also grows in the shade. It also tolerates different soil conditions.

Why Has This Grass Become So Popular?

There are lots of reasons why this plant has found its way into numerous home and office gardens. First, it is difficult to find a plant with the same color scheme as this grass. It has a unique mix of white, red, and purple colors that show up depending on the time of year. Therefore, it will blend well with almost anything else in your garden.

Next, this plant also does not require a lot of resources. Therefore, you don't have to worry about Sideoats Gama taking any resources away from the other plants you might have on your property.

Finally, this plant also does not need that much work. If you need more time to pay attention to this plant daily, that is okay! This plant will still grow well. To grow this plant in your garden, you must get it from the right source.

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