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Blue Violets 3 For $10.99 Description

Blue Violets and Viola Sororia are a Rugged Ground cover. 

Blue Violets are found in a wide range of wild habitats; this gentle perennial flower grows well in nearly any condition and makes a soft but rugged ground cover that can tolerate the rigors of most foot traffic. Hardy in zones four through eight, each flower will grow to about four to six inches in height, and its green foliage will blend in with the surrounding landscape. Plant in any light level where the average moisture is expected and watch as this little beauty brings naturalized, meadow-like appeal in shades of purple, blue, and white to any landscape. In addition to attracting bees to help pollinate the garden, these delicious edible flowers add pizzazz to summer salads. Plant them near fences, rustic outbuildings, or large open areas where they will add country charm yearly.

Blue violets, Viola Sororia, are Easy to Grow and are Very Disease and Insect Resistant.

They are easy to grow and are very disease and insect-resistant.

These perennials are native to the United States and are the state flower of Illinois. Their foliage and flowers are edible, although they have little flavor. The flowers are often used as a garnish for salads or for decorating cakes. After the flowers bloom, the violets produce small, closed flowers near the bottom of the plant — these flowers produce most of the seeds. The seeds are ejected from the plant to repopulate. Blue violets grow best in shady areas but can tolerate various temperatures and soil conditions due to the plant's hardy nature and ability to spread.


Blue Violets, Viola Sororia is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping


Blue Violets (Viola sororia) are herbaceous perennial plants, short-stemmed in nature, that grow in moisturized shady habitats. Despite their hardy nature, delicate-looking flowers, and spreading habits, they remain desirable to many people. That makes them a common gardening feature to cover the ground.

These plants are glossy. The leaves are heart-shaped with zigzagged edges. The flowers are usually blue or purplish-blue and have five petals rounded on the edges with white internal throats. They can also grow as tall as 3 inches in length and width. While the plant can average about 6 inches in width and 4 in height, some grow to heights of 8 inches.

These perennials bloom in spring between April and June. Because they are in the habit of breeding with other closely related species, they can be primarily found in forests. While they flourish in shady areas like under trees, they adapt to sunny or partially shaded conditions. They can survive and reproduce for more than ten years. They may be cultivated by planting their seeds, but this often takes more time and work than just purchasing the nursery. The seeds can be sprinkled lightly over the soil's surface and covered. If planted in a tray, it should be watered well, covered, and placed at warm room temperature.

 They can be planted at any time of the year so long as the soil is appropriately watered and the weather conditions are good enough for them to bloom. They are to be planted in groups; There needs to be a space of at least 15cm between each plant. They can be grown in containers also. They need to be transferred to bigger containers as they grow to encourage them to bloom. The leaves of this plant usually collect dust and dirt, so publishing them frequently with a small soft-bristled paintbrush would be required. 

These perennials flourish in bright, indirect lights because they wither when exposed to direct sunlight. When the plant gets too little light, the stems become leggy, the leaves turn dark green, and they grow thin. Also, when the plant gets too much light, the leaves turn light green as though bleached. Artificial lighting is an alternative to caring for these plants since LED bulbs generate enough natural lighting.


Hardiness Zone: 4 to 8.

Sun Exposure: Full to partial sun

Height at maturity: 6 to 10 inches

Ship As: Bareroot

The leaves can be used to prepare salads or vegetables as they are high in vitamins A and C. The elegant flavor of this plant makes it an incredible addition to numerous dishes. Some even find adding ice creams, syrups, and sauces helpful. They are often utilized as ingredients for medicines used to treat skin cancer, bladder, and urinary problems. This plant has been used to symbolize love and faithfulness, nature's gift to us all. 

So why not put your money where the true beauty is? Get a hold of our dazzling Blue Violets before it runs out!

Reviews (3)

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    Blue Violets

    Posted by Frances Steele on Jan 26, 2022

    I always make sure that I do have this in my lawn. I have been using this in my daily menu like in salads. And this blooms beautifully in my lawn.

  • 4
    Order #10037

    Posted by DOUG on Jan 17, 2022

    Bulbs looked healthy. Got them planted the day they came in. Now just waiting for the fun part.

  • 5

    Posted by Lindy Gingo on Mar 16, 2018

    I love the purples and blues! Just amazing

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