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Bog Blueberry

Bog Blueberry

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Botanical Name: Vaccinium uliginosum L. Family: Ericaceae – Hardy Zones 3-9

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Bog Blueberry - Vaccinium Uliginosum

Classified as a shrub, the Bog Blueberry will make a great addition to your yard or garden.

Not only will you get a beautiful shrub, but you can also enjoy the vibrantly blue fruit that will be produced each summer as well. It is typically a small plant, and at full maturity can reach heights of up to two feet high. It is a little bit harder to grow than other shrubs. Bog blueberry doesn't do well in absolute temperatures, and it has a relatively low tolerance to drought. It most certainly needs water to grow, and to continue to grow, and it will not do well in conditions similar to deserts, or where it will not get decent amounts of water.

The Bog Blueberry is a shrub that is known to spread across the ground, or it may grow upright. Young branches are yellow-green, and more mature plants tend to be grayish-red. The leaves of the Bog Blueberry are deciduous and are oval. The flowers are pink, and the berries it produces are edible with a sweet, sweet taste. Even the leaves have been known for their medicinal purposes especially in teas. Bog Blueberries are perennial, and the plants produce new growth every spring. The Bog Blueberry is also known as the Alpine Blueberry, Low-bush Blueberry, or Bilberry. It is a beautiful addition to any garden and produces very delicious fruit.If purchased and planted at the right time, during the Spring, you can enjoy the white flowers as they bloom. Later in the Summer, you will see them turn into little blueberries. Naturally, you can do a lot with the fruit that you can get from the shrub. Some people prefer to eat them as is. While other people like to turn them into jellies, jams, or pies. So you can get the beautiful color that the blueberries provide, as well as a delicious snack, or ingredient in numerous recipes. Blueberries have also been known to have quite a few medicinal uses. Dried blueberries are known for having very high levels of antioxidants.

So rest assured you are getting a shrub that will provide many different uses over the course of its life.

Purchase your Bog Blueberries today and get ready to take advantage of all of the things that this plant has to offer! Whether you're adding more to your existing batch of blueberry plants, or if this is your first time growing blueberries, you are sure to enjoy your time with your Bog Blueberry.