Boston ferns feature masses of thick, arching serrated green leaves.

Boston Fern

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Boston Fern-Nephrolepis exaltata Bostoniensis Hardy Planting Zones- 9-11 Sun or Shade – Full to Partial Shade Mature Height - 24-36" Mature Width- 1-4' Bloom Season – n/a Gardener Status- Beginner

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Native to tropical regions, the bright green Boston Fern is a popular houseplant, often displayed in a hanging planter. Also used to decorate porches, decks, and patios, the Boston Fern can grow as a perennial in zones 9 through 11 and likes rich moist soil and partial shade.

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The botanical name for these plants is Pteridium aquilinum. It is native to tropical regions.  Found in humid forests and swamps, specifically in South America, Mexico, and Florida; These ferns are very versatile and used inside or outside. They look spectacular when placed in containers or hanging baskets to brighten up a porch or patio area. They do best when set in fully shaded areas but can do well in partial shade. They like moist and well-drained soils and can also thrive when misted with cold water several times a day. They have very long green fronds, and they grow to become very thick and dense. Unlike most other species of this fern, this fern has graceful arching fronds. The edges of the foliage will appear to be slightly serrated. At times this fern may look to be dead if it experiences any frost, but it will spring back to life in the spring. It is also more tolerant to drought than other more commonly cultivated ferns. It is also called the Fishbone fern. Once mature, this plant can be expected to be anywhere from a half of a foot to a foot tall and a half foot to foot full as well. They will thrive the best in partial to full shade. If its plants inside it will grow best in bright filtered light, so do not place this plant in an area where it will not receive much light.

Climate Zone: 9 to 11
Mature Height: 1/2 to 1 foot
Mature Width: 1/2 to 1 foot
Sunlight: Partial to Full Shade
Botanical Name: Pteridium Aquilinum

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