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Box Elder Live Stakes, Acer Negundo Is A Hardy, Fast-growing Tree That Can Tolerate Drought and Cold Climate

The box elder live stakes is a hardy, fast-growing, and short-lived tree. Formally called Acer negundo, its other common name is ash-leaf maple. The box elder is native to central and eastern United States and later introduced in Europe, cultivating it as an ornamental plant. The box elder quickly colonizes disturbed sites, roadsides, or vacant lots.

The box elder has a reputation as a weed tree or invasive species because of its short, irregular, and poorly formed trunk divided into several main stems near the ground. But, it is also known as a tree of moist bottomlands and flood plains. The plant can tolerate drought and cold, making it an excellent plant to grow as it does not require utmost care.

The box elder is small to medium-sized trees and grows from thirty to fifty feet tall and has a short trunk with spreading branches and light green foliage. It has irregular growth with sprouting bases and compound leaves. Unlike other trees, the box elder live stakes' branches quickly fall to wind and flooding, thus, leaving the tree marred by stubs and hanging limbs. However, it bounces back after such damage. The plant is classified as a maple tree with similar, paired essential fruits but is identified due to its compound leaves, rare for maples. The leaves consist of three, five, or seven coarsely toothed leaflets. It has a single seed-borne in a samara, with a broad and flat winglike structure.

Box Elder Live Stakes, Acer Negundo Is An Easy-To-Grow Tree and Often The Source of Maple Syrup

The box elder live stakes is an easy-to-grow and very adaptable maple tree. Its wood is soft and with no commercial value. The tree grows on river banks or near water in the wild. The box elder is sometimes the source of maple syrup and sugar and uses the wood for crates, furniture, paper pulp, and charcoal. The tree also helps in sheltering wildlife and stabilizes stream banks.

Live stakes are long hardwood cuttings from the tree where they are planted outdoors without rooting hormones. It is best to take them when the plant is dormant, usually in late fall or early spring before the buds break. These box elder live stakes are straight pieces of branches or stems that do not have other branches or leaves on them.

If there are still leaves and branches on the stake, remove them to prevent the stakes from drying out. Plant them into moist soil where it will grow new plants from the cut sections of branches. Although box elder live stakes do not require much care, it is advisable to water them during summer drought since they need irrigation for the first two years.

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