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Boysenberry bush is known for its luscious fruit.


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Boysenberry Bush is a lovely plant. The wait for the slow-growing time is worth it.

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The berry tends to grow a dark maroon color and is most commonly used to make pies, jams, spreads, and syrups. The berry is very vitamin rich, known to include high amounts of vitamin c, folate, and manganese.

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The Boysenberry grows on a small growing shrub and is known for its incredibly soft texture. Growing a Boysenberry Bush is a year-long effort as it takes time for the berries to fruit. Although it takes a while for it to come to fruition, the bush can grow mostly on its own very with little work. However, it may be prudent to trim the thorns as it grows so that when it comes time to harvest the picker won’t have to plunge their arms into them. It can also make harvesting easier if the bush’s vines are trained to grow in an upward manner. Harvest time is usually between July and August;  Hardy planting zones are 3-10. The growth rate is less than one foot per year; this plant is considered a slow grower. The size and color of the fruit are similar to the blackberry, but the flavor is different. The berry itself is oval-shaped and can grow to almost a dark black color when fully ripe. This berry bush can grow up to 6 feet tall and have a mature width of up to 8 feet wide. If you plant several of these shrubs near each other, allow for room to grow or spread. These plants can also be pruned down to make them a smaller and more reachable size. The fruit is grown directly from the plant’s blooms and does not have a hollow center. It prefers full sun to partial shade and can adapt to various soils. This bush can provide you with berries you can eat fresh or cook with!

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