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Bracken Fern

Bracken Fern

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- Botanical Name - Bracken Fern - Pteridium aquilinum Hardy Planting Zones - 3-10 Sun or Shade – Sun and Partial Shade Mature Height - 2-4' Mature Width - 18-24" Bloom Season – Spring Gardener Status - Beginner

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BRACKEN FERN is a vascular plant and has alternating generations. 

Bracken Fern is also known as Pteridium Aquilinum.

The more critical plants produce the spores whereas the small plants produce the sex cells. They are easily distinguishable by their large, divided leaves. They can be found on any continent besides Antarctica. They can also be found in all different types of environment except deserts. Their natural habitat, however, is generally in moorlands, where it gets it another familiar name from, Moorland Scrub. This plant has large triangular fronds and can sometimes form dense thickets. It thrives best in hardy planting zones 2-11. The growth rate of this particular fern is up to 14 inches per year. It is not prone to drought and needs a steady amount of water. Homeowners who grow their own mushrooms plant this fern near them because of their large, massive fronds. They grow well in almost any type of zone and can adapt well. They prefer moist soil but can live in clay or sandy soils with adequate water. This fern does well in the shade but can take some sun.

If planted in colder environments the Bracken Fern will grow deciduous and will typically found growing on the side of the hill in these areas.

Bracken ferns have new garden uses depending on the type of garden in question. In a rock garden, for example, they provide attractive edging or can be used in places where other ferns or plants will not grow, providing valuable ornamentation to your rock garden. The bracken fern stands out as a plant that has many uses in a vast variety of categories.

Bracken Ferns are one of the standard ferns that you will see growth. This fern grows well around water features, natural areas or outbuildings where there is a lot of shade.

Bracken Fern can tolerate different temperatures when other plants cannot such as heat.

Bracken Fern Ships As – Bareroot Plant


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