Brandywine Maple grows extremely fast and has a tolerance for a more extensive variety of soils.

Brandywine Maple

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Brandywine Maple tree is beloved for the red variations the tree produces all year round including redbuds in the winter, red flowers in the springtime, red leaves in the summer and red blends in the fall; planted in many different places around the country because of its adaptability. In the wild, you can find the trees growing east of the Great Plains and eastward towards the Atlantic Ocean. Despite this being the natural habitat, it has shown success in urban areas and homeowners yards all over the United States and some parts of Canada. However, the Acer Rubrum shows the most progress in Hardiness Zones 3 through 9. The Acer Rubrum is mostly an ornamental tree that is admired for its variety of color all year long. At maturity, you can expect this tree to be approximately 40 to 60 feet tall. You can expect the spread of the tree to be around 40 feet. Every year the tree will grow about 10 to 40 inches.


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The dirt preference of the Red Maple is loamy, acidic, silty loam, clay soils, and well-drained soil. From winter until spring the tree has been known to produce red or yellow clusters of flower buds. The fruits the tree bears make an excellent meal for squirrels, and rabbits and deer enjoy the young shoots and leaves. This entertaining tree is the state tree of Rhode Island and can be found all over the state. No one knows why the state chose this tree, considering it was one of the last few states to select a tree. Some suspect because their state bird is red they kept with the theme and chose a tree that is predominately red as well. The tallest known Brandywine Maple can be seen at the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.




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