Bugle Weed Ajuga Plant makes a low-growing, dense ground cover with deep green or variegated foliage that is tinted with bronze and purple.

Bugle Weed Ajuga

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Bugleweed is a lovely plant that provides a glossy green look to areas. This plant makes a great ground cover for natural areas and also supplies beautiful color when in bloom.

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Though cultivars are available in blooms of violet, white and pink, the most popular colors are the varying shades of blue and indigo. They blossom profusely, displaying an almost solid carpet of color during late spring and early summer months with floral spikes that protrude above the foliage. Because they will perform and prosper in dry, poor soils, they are great for rock gardens and naturalizing wooded areas.

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This low-growing trailing evergreen is a perennial that spreads by underground stolons; ultimately, one rooted plant can soon cover a distance up to three feet. Plant newly rooted plants 6 – 12 inches apart to produce a complete cover.

Bugle Weed Ajuga 
Plant Height: 6 inches
Plant Width: 1 – 3 Feet
Soil Type: Poor To Rich Soil
Sun: Part Sun To Full Shade


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Bugle Weed is also known as Ajuga. Hardy planting zones are 2-10. The growth rate of this plant is a slow grower because it can only grow up to 6 inches and have a spread of up to 3 feet wide.It does the best in shade and cannot seem to tolerate large amounts of sun.

This groundcover needs low maintenance with medium moisture. It can adapt to areas with clay, sandy or loamy soils as long as it has moisture on a regular basis to help promote growth. This plant has small dark green, glossy leaves with a bright purple to royal blue bloom that sits on top. The bloom can grow up to 6 inches tall and can often times stand as high as the plant itself. This plant can be planted for many medicinal or herbal uses or just to look good planted in with other plants. It can also be referred to as motherwort.

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