Bugleweed Ajuga Plant or Ajuga reptans is a flowering plant that is native to Europe.

Bugleweed Ajuga Plant

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Bugleweed is a lovely plant that provides a glossy green look to areas. This plant makes a great ground cover for natural areas and also supplies beautiful color when in bloom.

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This blue flowering plant can reach almost a foot tall. The hardiness zone for this plant is between 3 and 10 for the USDA. Blue flowers arrive on this plant in the early spring. This plant often blooms for about two months from May to June and occasionally can flower until September. They only need minimal watering and low maintenance. Bugleweed Ajuga grows best in full or partial sunlight. Since this plant is a weed, it can spread quickly and easily with little to no assistance.
Bugleweed Ajuga Plant grows in a densely packed mat; this plant placed in areas of the lawn where it is hard to produce vegetation. They grow best in alkaline soil that is moist and well-drained. This plant does not do well in extremely wet or flooded soil. They are known to repel deer because it appears that deer do not like this plant, so it protects nearby plants. Other plants should be planted far from this fast-spreading plant to avoid smothering.


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It used to add a variety of colors that range from green, brown, bronze, and striking purple hue. The purple tends to take on a bluish tint, that is more common than not. These plants start to bloom in early spring on through to mid-July, typically. They reach full blossom by mid-May to June. These plants belong to the mint family, so they proliferate. Keep this in mind for any other plants you may be growing nearby. Typically, you can install some edging yourself to stunt overgrowth. If this plant grows in full sunlight, it will have smaller foliage, but it will produce more flowers when in bloom.
Bugleweed Plant: - Ajuga Genus
USDA Climate Zone: - 3 - 9
Plant Height: - 6 - 9 inches
Plant Width: - 15 - 20 inches
Soil Type: - Various as long as the soil is well drained
Sun: - Full sun or full shade (very adaptable)

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