Burgundy Glow Privet

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The Burgundy Glow Privet Belongs To The Mint Family, And It Is One Of The Most Effective Ground Covers In Large And Shady Areas

The burgundy glow, formally known as Ajuga reptans or the bugleweed in layman’s terms, is a herbaceous flowering plant native to Europe. Less commonly known as the St. Lawrence plant, it belongs to the mint family, and botanists often group them with the purple moor grass and rush pastures. Primarily used as a ground cover, it quickly fills in large, shady areas where it is challenging to establish lawns and landscapes. It also thrives on banks or slopes, under trees, or around shrubs, and it can grow over spring bulbs such as the Galanthus or the snowdrop plant.

Privet is a quick-growing, multi-stemmed hedging plant or shrub is an evergreen, or semi-evergreen, deciduous plant, but this depends on where you live and the variety you choose. Burgundy glow is a perennial flowering plant that thrives in zones four to eight in the United States. It usually grows from around a fourth to three-fourths of a foot and spreads one to two. It extends from around a fourth to three-fourths of a foot and spreads one to two feet across, its showy blue or purple flowers blooming from April to May. It thrives in full sunlight to partial shade and relies on medium water and low maintenance. As mentioned earlier, many gardeners use the burgundy glow as ground cover or for naturalizing, and it can tolerate rabbits, deer, and the black walnut.

The Burgundy Glow Privet's Growth Habit Develops Quickly, Forming Dense Covers That Features Showy Bluish-Violet Flowers Atop Shiny Green Foliage

One of the most noteworthy characteristics of the burgundy glow is its growth habit as a ground cover. It rapidly spreads and forms a dense, mat-like ground cover featuring shiny, dark green foliage. Its whorls of clustered blue-violet flowers appear atop spikes rising above the foliage to ten inches, and cultivars of this species feature leave with various foliage hues. Large clumps of the burgundy glow can produce a striking display when full bloom and dense foliage chokes out the weeds. One cultivar of the burgundy glow goes by the name of Caitlin’s Giant, which has gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit. This cultivar features bronze-tinged foliage with whorls of blue flower spikes up to eight inches tall, blooming from April to May. While it thrives exceptionally in shady areas, unlike its parent plant, it can be pretty stoloniferous and spread aggressively.

Some problems you may need to look out for is crown rot, especially in humid conditions and wet, heavy soils. Be sure to provide good air circulation and divide the plant spacing when clumps become overcrowded. The burgundy glow spreads quickly, so plant it away from perennial beds or lawns where its spreading nature could pose an obstacle.

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