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Burning Bush

Burning Bush

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Latin Name- Euonymous Alatus Hardy Planting Zone- 5-7 Mature Height- 3-9 ft Width- 6-12 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Burning Bush shrubs are the other name for Redleaf Barberry Hedge.

This is an excellent shrub to plant wherever color is needed. In spring, the burning bush foliage appears a shiny purple-red color. As the temperatures climb in summer, the color of Burning Bush becomes deeper. As soon as the cooler autumn temperatures begin, the foliage turns a striking orange-scarlet hue, and tiny red berries start to appear. With its changing colors, this plant is ideal as a hedge or stand-alone shrub. It can be trimmed neatly or allowed to grow in its natural flowing shape.

This shrub grows to about five feet high and when planted as a hedge grows about two to three feet wide. Plant each specimen at least one and a half feet apart in full or partial sun. This is a very hardy, vigorous plant that grows in any soil in Zones 4 to 9. The red berries that appear brightest in winter attract birds. Specific hybrids may have green foliage that begins to turn orange and red in autumn.

Planting Tip Shrubs

As with most hedges, Burning Bush should be planted from two-year-old transplant specimens. Water about every six to eight days in hotter climates. In winter, mulch one foot around the base of these plants for protection from snow and ice.

Burning Bush —The Burning Bush Euonymus as it is most often known can be a vibrant addition to your landscape. Seen all spring and summer as a ball of green, this plant turns a great red in the fall, lighting up the lawn with it’s glorious ‘flames.’ Once it's rooted have fully established them, this bush becomes a strong addition as a drought-resistant plant. This deciduous shrub falls into the ornamental category with it’s a magnificent red color that appears in the fall. A perfect choice for planting in groups, in organized hedgerows, or just as the showpiece of a garden. Place this landscape choice in your garden for a winter splash of rich, bright color. Burning Bushes added to your lawn will provide versatility to the scenery as the season's progress. Whether they are planted in a situation to grow naturally or placed in a trimmed row, burning bushes are a glorious, vibrant addition to any lawn.

Burning Bush


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