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Button Bush Fascines 25 For $99.99 Description

Button Bush Fascines, Cephalanthus Occidentalis, is a White, Showy, Fragrant Bloomer

Button Bush Fascine grows about ten feet tall. In some particular conditions, it can reach heights of fifteen feet. It is pretty hardy and grows well in waterlogged soil such as swamps and lakes. The small plant is multi-stemmed and has beautiful white flowers the size of golf balls. The plants have minimal maintenance costs. For one, they are not prone to any particular pests. They are great for use as a fencing plant.

The pincushion-like flowers are also great for bees.

Most insects are attracted to these flowers for the nectar. They use it to create honey, which is excellent for beekeepers. The leaves and stems are also a favorite of many birds and animals. Deer will eat their leaves for food. Also, waterfowl use this plant to create nests for egg protection. The plant forms a very thick base. It makes it an excellent plant for preventing soil erosion. The plant is an essential part of the North American ecology, where it is native. Bought as live stakes, sprout roots quickly in the summer months, planted at the beginning of summer when the sun is in full bloom.

Button Bush Fascines, Cephalanthus Occidentalis Grows Well in Waterlogged Soil 


The growth rate at maturity can reach 5-12 feet tall and 4-8 feet wide. This bush will have a white, showy, fragrant bloom in June. It will attract butterflies and is a low-maintenance tree. Will tolerate wet soil as well as erosion. Plant in full sun to part shade and humusy, moist soil but tolerate various soil conditions. It will grow well in wet soil but can tolerate dry ones. Pruning is usually not required but if needed, do so in early spring. It also can be revitalized by cutting back to ground level. No actual diseases or insect problems to mention, and it will grow in shallow water or even on the edge of the ponds. It works well in woodland areas, low spots, and also borders.

Button Bush Fascines, Cephalanthus Occidentalis is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

This bush reaches a height of about ten feet. It can grow to a height of fifteen feet in some circumstances. It is a resilient plant that thrives in wet environments like swamps and lakes. The little plant has multiple stems and lovely white blossoms the size of golf balls. The plants require very little upkeep. For starters, they are not susceptible to any specific pests. They are excellent as fence plants.

The pincushion-like white flowers attract bees as well.

The nectar attracts the majority of insects to these flowers. It's used to make honey, which is beneficial to beekeepers. Many birds and animals enjoy the leaves and stem as well. Deer will consume their leaves as a source of nutrition. Waterfowl also use this plant to build nests to protect their eggs. The plant has a very dense root system. It's an excellent plant for avoiding soil erosion because of this. The plant is an essential part of the ecology of North America, where it is native. When purchased as live stakes, the root growth is swift during the summer months and should be planted at the start of the season when the sun is at its peak.

The species is found primarily in eastern North America, with isolated occurrences in the west. You can find it in Canada from southern Ontario and Quebec east to New Brunswick and southwestern Nova Scotia. Arizona, the Mogollon Rim, other mountain ranges, and the entire San Joaquin Valley in California are notable places far from the eastern United States and the eastern Midwest. C. occidentalis is exclusively found in western Texas, Arizona, and California, west of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains.

This deciduous shrub can grow 5-12 feet tall and 4-8 feet broad at maturity. June, this bush will bloom with a white, brilliant, and fragrant blossom. It is a low-maintenance tree that attracts butterflies. It can withstand both wet and dry soil, as well as erosion. It blooms well in full sun to part shade and humusy, moist soil, but it will grow in various soil types. It thrives in highly damp soil but may also succeed in dry conditions.

Pruning is rarely necessary but does so in the early spring. You can also rejuvenate it by pruning it back to the ground level. There are no known disease or pest issues, and it can thrive in shallow water or near the pond's edge. It's excellent for erosion control, wooded regions, low spots, and borders. Buttonbush is used as a nectar source or 'honey plant' in gardens and native plant settings, and it is also used to help control erosion by being planted on slopes. Butterfly gardens benefit from the presence of Buttonbush.

Cephalanthus occidentalis is a beautiful ornamental that thrives in damp soils and produces honey. Ducks, other water birds, and shorebirds eat the seeds.

Zone: 5 to 9

Height at maturity: 5.00 to 12.00 feet

Bloom Time: June, July, August, September

Bloom Color: White, Pink

Sun Exposure: Full, part shade

Soil Moisture: Erosion, Wet Soil

Ship as: Bareroot




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