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Button Bush

Button Bush

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Latin Name- Cephalanthus Occidentalis Hardy Planting Zone- 5-10 Mature Height- 6-12 ft Width- 6-8 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun OR Partial Shade

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Button Bush will make an excellent shrub for any garden of landscape 

Hardy planting zones are 3-7. The growth rate is 2 to 3 feet per year. The Button Bush is a fast growing shrub and will thrive in a variety of soil types.
This shrub grows to be 6 to 12 feet tall and can spread to be 6 to 15 feet wide. This shrub does well in full sunlight but can also be planted in partially shaded areas. It will be amazing when in bloom and will make an excellent conversation piece because of how the flowers will appear. This shrub will typically bloom during June and can bloom until September.

Button Bush will look great and will bring life and color to all gardens and areas. This shrub also works well to help prevent soil erosion in fields.

Button Bush are shrubs that can be quickly grown in wet soil. This plant can, however, tolerate many types of soil except dry. They usually grow to be between five and twelve feet tall. However, it should be noted that occasionally, they may grow to be as tall as twenty feet.

This shrub produces a white flower. The flower itself is quite fragrant and is known to attract bees and butterflies. The leaves of this plant begin to come out in late May and are a beautiful glossy green. The flower itself begins to bloom in mid-summer.SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cephalanthus Occidentalis,

USDA Climate Zone: Five to Nine

Shrub Height: Five to Twelve Feet

Shrub Spread: Four to Eight Feet

Soil Type: Adaptable to wet to moist

Sun: Full Sunlight to partial shade

This shrub would be a great addition for those of you who are looking for something for your backyard pond or water feature. It would also be an excellent choice for those individuals who live in flood zones as it does exceptionally well in wet conditions.

Be sure to plant this fragrant shrub in an area that is not dry, as that is the only climate it cannot handle.

Button Bush Ships As – Bareroot Plant