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Pennsylvania Sedge, Carex Pensylvanica is a Shade-loving Perennial Plant


Carex Pennsylvania is native to eastern and central North America and is extensively variable. It is typically found on sandy soils or as a constituent of low prairies. It spreads by stolons, meaning above-ground runners, and forms an excellent ground cover of soft clumps highly suitable for drought-tolerant lawns in covered or shady areas. Pennsylvania sedge could tolerate heavy shade and wet soils, although its ideal location is dry shade. The sedge is noninvasive, has reddish-brown roots, grows in loose colonies with a creeping habit. Since it is commonly found in oak trees, hence, the second common name, the "oak sedge." It has finely-textured green leaves that grow up to 8 inches tall. However, mowing is advisable once or twice every season to maintain a 2 inches height to make an excellent and soft woodland groundcover. The sedge greens up early in springtime and grows well in open woods or woodland margins.


Sedges have a 3-angled stem that differs them from other grass. The sedge stems are firmly filled with pith but do not have nodes and are triangular in cross-section. The leaves, arranged in three rows, and the sheaths fused, wrapped the stem. Leaf-blades of sedges are usually grass-like and alternates along the stem with evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage, smooth, and around 0.5 to 3.6 mm wide. Sedges are wind-pollinated, and the flower-heads are almost always in spikelets. The base of the leaves is approximately 8 to 12 inches long, with shorter stem leaves. However, the leaves arch over that makes the leaf clump rarely more than 8 inches high. Some leaves will remain evergreen in moderately cold winter climates, and dead leaves surround the new leaves. Its narrow, grass-like, medium-colored green leaves are mostly shorter than the flowering stems.


Carex Pennsylvania, Carex Pensylvanica is Perfect as Lawn Substitute or Groundcover


Sedge flowers bloom in late spring, sometime from April to May. Plants are monoecious, meaning male flowers appear in spikelets above female flowers. Inflorescences are at the tip of rough, triangular culms or stem that rise up singly from the rhizomes. Staminate scales are colored green, often tinged with reddish-purple with white margins. Scales of pistillate are either dark brown or purplish-black, green midribs, and having white margins. The female flowers are of the sedge are followed by tiny fruits, achenes, enclosed in a sac-like bract, the perigynia.


Carex Pennsylvania is a sedge for acidic woodlands. It is pest-resistant and unappealing to deers as well as other herbivores, and it requires less maintenance. It is, however, a great lawn substitute, or groundcover, or as an edging plant for a shade garden. 


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