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Carpet Moss Description

Carpet Moss, Genus Hypnum is a Brilliant Green Spreading Moss

When you decide to grow Carpet Moss, patience is needed to spread it wider due to its slow growth. Moreover, its tiny size makes the development seem insignificant. However, slowly, it will spread and cover up the blank space with its spores. Eventually, the Carpet Moss you planted gradually spreads and turns from golden green to dark green.

This Moss is not afraid of any season. It continues its growth journey in all four seasons and provides ground cover. However, the growth slows down in Winter. Although this plant can survive in almost all seasons, there are some essential points to pay attention to. Attributes such as temperature, soil, moisture levels, sunlight, and water affect your plant's growth. 

Carpet Moss, Genus Hypnum, Grows best in Decaying Wood and Moist Environments.

This Moss grows best on decaying wood in moist environments like older sections of forests or shade gardens; This Moss is found in the eastern parts of the United States and Europe. It is brilliant green in color. It is known to spread out once it has taken hold in a creeping fashion. It will slowly cover rocks, trees, and the ground, making it a favorite for landscapers and gardeners. It gives a beautiful focal point to any landscape project, like stonework or walls.

This plant needs a stable base to grow on. They do well with fertile, well-drained, loamy soils and, once established, can be used to hold the ground in place. This Moss likes moist, shady areas, which makes them ideal for adding texture in shade gardens. The Moss is watered several times a day and can double in size in six months with proper care. They are low maintenance, requiring sandy soil, shade, and water to thrive. If you have the right conditions, you can leave it alone, and it'll do just fine. This Moss has created living carpets in flower beds, shade gardens, and yards. It will work its way around flowers and plants you plant before putting the Moss itself down.

These mosses are capable of growing year-round, even below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. They'll merely go dormant without proper moisture and start growing again as soon as enough consistent moisture gets to the plant. This bright green Moss grows best in zones four through nine and can get two inches tall. These gorgeous plants ship to the consumer in their bare-root form, so the Moss arrives in top-notch condition.

Carpet Moss, Genus Hypnum is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

This Moss is the simplest way to show the beauty of nature in your garden. It is ready to fill up the space you prepared specially for them. This rootless evergreen plant belongs to the Hypnum family, consisting of 80 species prevalent in North America. While it can grow as a beautiful living carpet for your garden, you can also keep them inside your house. A container made of glass (terrarium) will be the perfect home for this Moss Hypnum to be your companion inside the house.

The temperature for growing it is above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. While you ensure that the temperature is already suitable for this Moss, don't forget about the moisture level and soil condition. You don't have to stress selecting the "right" soil to suit your Carpet Moss because it will grow well in all soils except sandy soil. You will need to pay attention to the amount of sunlight. This plant prefers to be in shady areas. Nevertheless, getting direct sun for less than four hours daily will be okay. 

Adequate watering helps Sheet Moss to grow and spread through the soil. Water acts like the knight in shining armor as it helps to make an anchor between Carpet Moss and the soil. However, water can be a nightmare for Carpet Moss if the anchor fails and the water sweeps it away. However, please don't take this as a big problem. Everything will be okay if the water is in the right place and scheduled.

Growing this Moss will let you experience lots of new things. From the aesthetic aspect, you will get mesmerized by how the tiny green of the rootless evergreen can be so adorable growing up in your garden or inside the terrarium. These Moss leaves grow parallel. On the other hand, you learn to take care of the Moss. You will gradually understand the balance of all the essential things behind the growth of Carpet Mess and get to control it. Find the best Moss for sale to accompany your stream beds. 

Best Time to grow: All seasons, it gets slower in Winter

Light: Shady area is preferable

Water: Drought-tolerant once established

Soil: All soil except sandy soil

Zone: Every zone (4-9 for the best growth)

Height: 2 inches

Sun Exposure: Shade or less than 4 hours of direct sun

Ship As: Bare-root 





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    Happy with product

    Posted by Gina on May 03, 2019

    Arrived in healthy condition and was easy to plant. It's been a week and it looks great.

  • 4
    Fresh moss arrived

    Posted by Azusa Adams on Sep 03, 2018

    The product arrived in very good condition. The moss was very fresh, well composed and came to my place on time.
    I am very satisfied. Thank you so much.

  • 5

    Posted by Ryan Baliff on Mar 07, 2018

    i love this in my yard. Not a lot of work to keep up. Very soft too

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