Princess Dogwood Tree known as Cornus Florida, is thought to be one of the most beautiful flowering trees native to America.

Princess Dogwood Tree

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Latin Name- Cornus Florida, Hardy Planting Zone- 5-9 Mature Height- 20-35 ft Width- 20-25 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun to Partial Sun

Cherokee Princess Dogwood Tree is the Most Common Ornamental Small Tree

This tree is the most common ornamental small tree among homeowners and gardeners and is great to add as an accent in yards or for shade. The tiny deciduous tree blooms in early spring with beautiful delicate white flower clusters on top of white bracts. The Cherokee Princess Dogwood tree can grow to be between 15 and 30 feet in height and can have a spread of between 15 and 30 feet wide. The full or partial sun recommended when choosing a place to plant and grow this tree. The leaves of the Cherokee Princess Dogwood tree are dark green and oval. The leaves turn spectacular shades of red during the fall. The Cherokee Princess Dogwood tree produces red fruits that are bitter and not for human consumption but are enjoyed by birds. The fruits ripen during the late summer until the early fall. The bark of this tree is warty and gray, but will also add to the appearance of your landscape. Overall the Cherokee Princess Dogwood tree is considered low maintenance and easy to care for; This is a picky tree when it comes to soil and requires fertile well-drained soil. The soil should also be acidic and get a decent amount of rain. This tree is one of the hardest in its species and will do best with some shelterSunlight is essential to the growth of oak trees. It is best to plant oak trees in a location that will get plenty of the sun throughout the day. For example, being too close or within the shadow of a large building would not be an ideal location. Chestnut Oak is also known as Quercus Prinus. Hardy planting zones are 7-10. The growth rate is 1 or more feet per year. It can even do great in regions on the Eastern Coast. This tree will grow to be a high 60 or 70 feet tall and around 60 to 70 feet wide when grown. It will do well in areas that will supply full sunlight. This tree will grow probably approximately 2 feet a year so it may grow a little bit slower than other trees. This tree is also known as the Rock Oak..

Cherokee Princess Dogwood is Low Maintenance and Easy to Care for but Requires Fertile, Well Drained Soil

It is often referred to as “flowering” because of its disproportionately substantial white brilliant flowers. Post-flowering pruning on this horizontally-oriented tree helps to continue a fantastic display of snowy foliage even in periods of drought and soil stress. The leaves are pointed and turn a brick-red color in the dormant seasons. Some specimens reach a mature height of nearly 30 feet. Older trees have tiered and layered branches which produce illustrious white blossoms. Once established, this species is surprisingly low-maintenance and a favorite of growers endeavoring to bring brilliance to there property grounds.

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