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Chickasaw Plum

Chickasaw Plum

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Latin Name- Prunus Angustifolia Hardy Planting Zone- 6-9 Mature Height- 12-20 ft Width-15-20 Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun to Partial Shade

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The Chickasaw Plum tree is an appealing shrub which is both easy to grow and very low-maintenance.

It grows in small thickets and displays pinkish white flowers during the spring which are beautiful and give off an appealing aroma. Because of its whimsical appearance, it makes an excellent choice for lining a yard or decorating an otherwise sparse porch area. This small tree or shrub can grow in hardiness zones five through nine and in sunlight levels from full to partial. These factors in addition to their strong adaptability to multiple soil types and drought tolerance make the Chickasaw Plum a versatile and straightforward plant to grow. They also boast a quick growth rate and a mature height that can vary in shrub form from four to ten feet or in tree form up to twenty-five feet. The edible fruit which this tree produces can be yellow to red and may be anywhere from half an inch to an inch long. They are reminiscent of cherries in appearance and ripen in the summer.

These plums are excellent for making preservatives, though they can be eaten straight from the tree despite tartness.

The Chickasaw Plum Tree has an almost irregular shape. It has bark that is almost a black color. The bark is scaly. This tree has small thorn-like side branches. The branches of this tree are also reddish. It grows tiny white flowers. The small white flowers have orange or reddish anthers. It grows European Plums. It can grow with little water, in dry areas; If you garden is dry, and isn’t too moist this tree would be perfect for your garden. It is a pretty tree that would do great in any garden, as a border, on a lawn, or in a field.