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Chicken Manure Compost – 5 Gallon Bags

Chicken Manure Compost – 5 Gallon Bags

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Chicken manure adds organic matter to soil increasing the water holding capacity.

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Chicken Manure Compost – 5 Gallon Bags

Chicken manure compost can be a great asset to at home gardeners. But it is excellent for composting; once its composted it is a suitable soul additive, it can add organic matter and increases the water holding capacity and the biota of the soil. It is also an excellent fertilizer, it adds nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to the plants more than your typical cow, horse, or steer manure. Even though chicken manure is too strong to use raw on your flowers and vegetables, it could damage or also kill your plants when used raw. Always thoroughly wash the vegetables you harvest from the garden you used manure in. And never us the cat, dog or pig manure in a compost pile; When you are using chicken compost be sure only to add the aged or composted manure to your soil. And lastly, someone who is more likely to get a foodborne illness should never eat uncooked vegetables from a manured garden. Use gloves ever the time when handling any manure. You can buy chicken manure in five-gallon bags.

Chicken Manure Compost and Its Benefits

Chicken manure compost can add beautiful, organic matter to the home garden. While chicken manure on its own can be harmful to plants, as it is too loud, once it has been composted, it's a beautiful addition. Use it for those plants that need organic matter to thrive. Use chicken compost as a fertilizer, as well. It adds potassium and phosphorous to the soil. It adds more of these nutrients than cow or horse manure does. Work the chicken manure compost into the soil, or it can be placed on top of the soil. It can be used in both vegetable and flower gardens. Over time, the garden's soil can become depleted of nutrients, adding this compost is a great way to turn the overworked and depleted soil, back into rich, soil that enables plants to thrive.

Chicken Manure