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Climacium Tree Moss

Climacium Tree Moss

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Common Tree Apron Moss - Anomodon attenuatus Hardy Planting Zones- 2-7 Sun or Shade – Full Shade Mature Height - 1" - 2' (if supported by a tree) Mature Width- Varied Bloom Season – Year round Gardener Status- Beginner

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The Climacium Tree Moss is also known as Climacium Dendroides, contains vibrant shades of green


Information on Climacium Tree Moss
Botanical Latin Name: Climacium dendroides
Common Name: Climacium Tree Moss
Sun Exposure prefers the deep shade but will grow in partially sunny places.
Hardiness Zones: It's a hardy plant. It will go from Quebec to Arkansas, and it will also grow as far south as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Arkansas, and California. Also, it will grow in New Zealand.
Mature Height: The branch leaves will often grow to around 2-3 mm long, and it will be ovate around the base of the plant. The setae will grow to approximately 1.8-4.5 cm long, and the capsules will be 1.5-3 mm long.
Spread horizontal or subterranean stems. It sometimes produces Sporophytes.
Spacing: It spreads quickly.
Growth Rate: Rapid growth in the winter. This will look bright green, but it will eventually turn into a darkish green color as the plant gets older.
Flowering Time: New growth in the winter.
Flower Color: green or yellow. The green will vary in color, depending on what season it is.
Soil Requirements: soil in swampy places or humas.
Pruning: They will soak up the rainfall on hillsides and other mountain tops.
Flower Form: There are known for their stem-leaves, and they are coarsely serrate at the apex. Also, you will find they have long and narrow cylindrical spore-cases. The lids of the beaks of the plants are long.
Fact: There are 14,000 species in the world, so there are many different kinds of moss in the world.



It prefers deeply shaded areas but can tolerate partial sunlight and grows outward in a horizontal pattern. This moss has hidden stems that grow underground; this helps it grow and get the nutrients and minerals it needs. New growth occurs faster during the winter months of the year and flourishes with moist, wet, swamp-like soil



Climacium Tree Moss Ships as Bare Root Plant


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