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Shortleaf Pine Tree

Shortleaf Pine Tree

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Shortleaf Pine Tree 

Shortleaf pine tree is a hardy, resilient, needled evergreen native to the southeastern United States. They love a mix of sunshine and shade and will flourish in USDA plant hardiness zones 6 through 9.

This tree was once significantly depleted due to overharvesting by the timber industry throughout Appalachia. Through careful conservation and reforestation, the tree is more abundant again today. While it remains at risk due to recent wildfires and the arrival of invasive plants, it is on its way to recovery.

We recommend these trees to customers who need a tree to enhance their properties' natural areas or those who wish to reforest using native trees.

They remain a common tree cultivated for the timber industry. The size of the pines trunk makes them ideal for utility poles, fence posts, and railroad ties.

The Shortleaf Pine Tree Can Remedy Soil Erosion

Besides its usefulness to the timber industry, these trees help protect against wind and soil erosion. It accomplishes this in two ways.

First, it serves as a windbreak. It interrupts gusts that come across dry, open fields, blowing away the top layer of soil. Although it takes several years for this to occur, it is highly effective.

Second, the roots of this tree are relatively shallow. As the roots strengthen, they burrow underneath, breaking up soil compaction. This de-compaction allows water to penetrate the ground better instead of rushing across it and carrying it away.

The Charm Look of these Trees

It will reach a total height of around forty feet. That smaller size makes it ideal for those who want a pine tree without it dominating a smaller yard.

The crown is an triangle shape with a softly-rounded top. Its needles grow in bundles of two to three and are a rich bluish-green.

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If you want to add a shorter tree to your landscape, Wholesale Nursery Co recommends this pine tree. Please place your order with us today.

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Short leaf pine tree

Great saler

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Shortleaf pine tree

I love your website, and the plants catalog.

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