Nellie R Stevens Holly

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Nellie R Stevens Holly
Nellie R Stevens Holly
Ilex X Nellie R Stevens Holly
Nellie R Stevens Holly Ilex X
Nellie R Stevens Holly
Nellie R Stevens Holly
Ilex X Nellie R Stevens Holly
Nellie R Stevens Holly Ilex X
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Nellie R Stevens Holly

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Size 6-10''

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Nellie R Stevens Holly 

Ilex x 'Nellie R Stevens,' or the common name Nellie R. Stevens Holly, is a fast-growing, tall, hybrid evergreen shrub. It thrives in the warmer USDA growing zones six through nine, where gardeners love it for its tolerance to the warm and often humid climate.

This species gets tall--as high as thirty feet--and fast! It is a beautiful species with glossy blue-green to deep emerald leaves. The beautiful foliage stays true all year long. Its shape is a classic pyramid with an expansive, fifteen-foot stretch across the bottom branches and a narrower top.

Nellie R Stevens holly trees shrubs are not fussy about light conditions. It can take the brunt of the full sun or partial shade. That versatility means you can plant it as a specimen in a sunny garden or use it as an understory tree.

Nellie R Stevens Holly Is a Vigorous Hybrid That Takes the Strongest Characteristics From Both Parents

Nellie R. Stevens refers to the tree's initial growing location in Oxford, Maryland. A school teacher named (you guessed it!) Nellie Stevens visited an arboretum in Washington, D.C., and pinched a few berries from a Chinese holly bush (Ilex cornuta). Later, she discarded the berries on her lawn near an English holly. The two plants crossed and grew a unique hybrid. This happy accident went unnoticed until several years later when Stevens' niece asked an arborist to identify the tree--and he could not. It was a novel species he had never seen.

However, this hybrid took on the most robust characteristics of each parent tree:

  • ● Nellie R. Stevens is an aggressive, fast-growing holly; it adds a minimum of three feet yearly.
  • ● The tree naturally forms its perfect triangle shape without your intervention.
  • ● This heat and humidity-lover are also drought-resistant, making it a southern favorite.
  • ● This hybrid is tolerant of occasional frosts that could damage less hardy species.
  • ● Nellie R. Steves holly is almost carefree, asking for nothing but well-draining, fertile soil.

Order Your Nellie R Stevens Holly Today

Ilex x Nellie R Stevens is a beautiful, easy-care, low-maintenance evergreen that will endure on your landscape without much assistance. Please order confidently in our quality today.

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