Chinese Chestnut Tree

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Chinese Chestnut Tree
Chinese Chestnut Tree
Chinese Chestnut Tree
Chinese Chestnut Tree
Chinese Chestnut Tree
Chinese Chestnut Tree
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Chinese Chestnut Tree

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Size 3-4'

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Chinese Chestnut Tree - Castanea mollissima

The Chinese Chestnut tree is named after its original home, mainland China. It is a tree that can grow anywhere from 40 to 60 ft tall in maturity. The tree is resistant to the common Chestnut blight and tolerates common pests such as deer, which benefits the tree's lifespan.

The Chinese Chestnut tree grows well in hardiness zones 4 through 7 and prefers a well-drained soil type with a pH between 5.5-6.5 (slightly acidic to neutral). After planting, this tree will grow two to three feet annually. It takes the Chinese Chestnut about three to five years to produce fruit after planting, which is more than most trees take to flower and produce fruit. Because this tree is apt to produce fruit, it is essential to remember to cultivate an outdoor space that is amenable to pollinator life.

 Because this tree is a medium-sized, low-canopy type, it provides shade for those hot afternoons.

 Chinese Chestnut tree's leaves are beautiful, dark green, and average about a half-foot in length (five to eight inches)

This deciduous tree provides a spot of shade and produces beautiful flowers that are mellow and yellow-white. After these showy flowers fall, they are replaced by hardened chestnuts of a beautiful brown color.

Chinese Chestnut low-lying trees are an excellent addition to your backyard or garden

Because they are low maintenance and gorgeous to view. In particular, the large leaves provide a talking point because they are oblong and very shiny, providing a different look than the traditional deciduous trees of the United States. In the fall, the leaves go from a rich green to a calm yellow and brown before shedding. In landscaping, this tree can be a wonderful centerpiece of your outdoor space or can be used to fill in the outside of your space for a beautiful, lush perimeter.

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