Fruiting Peach Trees

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Fruiting Peach Trees
Fruiting Peach Trees
Fruiting Peach Trees
Fruiting Peach Trees
Fruiting Peach Trees
Fruiting Peach Trees
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Fruiting Peach Trees

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Variety Belle of Georgiua
Size 3-4'

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Fruiting Peach Trees

The peach is an all-time favorite, a taste that represents the joy of summertime perhaps better than any other fruit. Growing peaches is a fun and rewarding experience. They grow well in the full sun in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 10, with the specific cultivar determined by the growing climate.

Fruiting peach trees are an excellent way to produce outstanding, tasty, juicy peaches in your backyard. Imagine how wonderful it would be to grow and harvest a bountiful haul of fruit. Peaches are excellent for eating raw, grilling to serve up for a summertime dessert, baking, or home canning.

The peach is a native Chinese fruit. Culturally, it symbolizes unity; brides often tuck a few of its blossoms into their bouquets. It also signifies health and is a traditional tree to give as a gift to wish someone wellness.

Wholesale Nursery Offers These Fruiting Peach Trees

Here are the three fruiting peach trees Wholesale Nursery offers to our customers:

  • Earligrande: This variety is a self-pollinating peach tree. Thus, you do not need a second tree nearby to complete fertilization and produce fruit. The fruit has a firm, light orange skin, but when you bite into it, it is juicy and has a delicate texture and sweet taste. This small fruiting peach tree achieves a mature height of around 20' with a 12' crown.
  • Flavorich: This peach is one of the season's earliest ripening varieties. It has yellow and red skin, a pleasant texture, and a pleasantly balanced sweetness. The tree reaches a total height of about 15' tall and 10' wide. It is a self-pollinating tree.
  • China Pearl: This variety is another self-pollinating species. It can grow to an average height of 15' to 20' and 15' across. This is a light cream and orange-skinned peach with white flesh peach and an excellent flavor.

If you are uncertain which species will work best in your region, feel free to reach out–we can guide you to the best fruiting peach trees for your area.

Order Your Fruiting Peach Trees From Wholesale Nursery Today

Fruiting peach trees are a fantastic way to grow and harvest your fruit and increase self-sufficiency. You can count on quality when you place your order with Wholesale Nursery today.

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