Blackberry Lily

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Blackberry Lily
Blackberry Lily
Blackberry Lily
Blackberry Lily
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Blackberry Lily

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Blackberry Lilly - Belemcanda Genesis

The Blackberry Lilly is an easy-care perennial and an excellent addition to any garden or indoor bouquet. The unique freckled orange and red blossoms do well in full sun and thrive on a moderate amount of water. The seed pods carry an exciting bunch of blackberries that form clusters. The summer and fall blooming flowers measure about 2 inches in length. The long fan-shaped leaves can grow anywhere from 1 to 8 ft. Although the plants have a short life span, they self-sow for quick replacement. Even in the best conditions, you likely will see flower blooms in the second season. This beautiful native of China and Japan does phenomenally well in U.S. zones 5-10. The best thing about the Blackberry Lilly is that it can grow and thrive even in the worst soils. Gardeners and decorators love this flower because of its decorating potential. Not only do they cut and dry quickly, but they also look lovely in fall arrangements. Add curb appeal to your home when you mix the lilies with Blanket flowers or Globe thistle.

Blackberry Lilly has many positives

They grow like crazy and can be found almost anywhere. Propagation is very easy, so tubers or mature plants do very well. In most cases, they can be popped right into the soil. Add a bit of water, and within 4-6 weeks, you're looking at plants. During the winter months, the lilies need very little water. Try not to overwater because the roots will quickly rot. Growers should also avoid frost at all costs. The absolute lowest temperature to plant Blackberry lilies is 70 degrees.

Blackberry Lilly is a great pot flower

This is the ideal plant if you're looking for a lovely, pretty flower to sit on the back porch.

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