Compost is a mixture of decomposed dried leaves, old or leftover foods, some paper products, and other similar items.

Compost Mulch – 1 Gallon Bag

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Compost mulch 1-gallon bag is a good mulch and is full of nutrients and minerals that all soils need.

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Stirring up the compost pile will help it turn into a nutritious soil full of vitamins suitable for gardens and yards. Mulch is usually wood chips used around outdoor plants covering the top of the soil and keeps the soil moist and helps keep the weeds out by providing a block from the sun. Compost and Mulch are essential for the plants in gardens. Using Compost Mulch continually gives gardens nutrients they need and is a beautiful darker brown for more of a natural look; Applying Compost Mulch once a year about 2-4 inches thick to any garden for healthy plants. Compost mulch shipped in one-gallon bags right to your doorsteps. Compost Mulch is the best way to start adding new nutrients or even to help replace the old ones that the plants have already fed on; Compost Mulch made from old decomposed leaves, potato peels, and other rotting foods. Now if you are in the vegetable or herb gardens this the best mulch to get started with, it will bring forth great herbs and plump vegetables. It will give the soil the best and fastest way to become its full self again, mainly if you have planted in the soil before. It helps all types of plants grow to the healthiest they can be; This is the most natural way to put nutrients back into the soil and of course, the best way to create an organic garden. You can buy a compost barrel and make your own, or you can buy premade mulch from an online nursery in gallon-sized bags. Compost mulch is an excellent addition to any homeowners garden, perennials or trees.

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