Coral Red Dogwood Shrub

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The Coral Red Dogwood, Cornus Sericea Is Known For Its Striking Red Stems That Stand Out In A Winter Garden

The coral red dogwood, known as the Cornus sanguine or the red twig dogwood, is a shrub species with remarkably red bark. While these species are incredibly similar, the coral red dogwood never grows into a tree. This dogwood is known for its spectacular colors in a winter garden, and the coral red dogwood looks best when planted in groups or as an informal hedge. Some coral red dogwood shrubs grow all around the Northern Hemisphere, all classified under the genus Cornus like the Tatarian dogwoods in Asia, the Red osier dogwoods in North America, and the Bloodtwig dogwoods in Europe. Since the uncanny similarities between each cultivar quickly lead to confusion, any purchase must come from a trusted establishment.

Coral Red Dogwood, Cornus Sericea Pairs Best With The Yellow Twig Dogwood, Or Any Available Yellow Plant

Coral red dogwoods grow up to eight feet tall, with a spread area of eight feet; these red dogwood shrubs bear either dark green or variegated leaves depending on the variety, and tiny white flowers that form flat clusters only for white berries to succeed them. The foliage picks up hints of rose or gold, but since the leaves are deciduous, the attractive red bark is only visible when the leaves fall. Since they are generally nursery-grown plants in containers or ball-and-burlap specimens, coral red dogwood shrubs are among the faster-growing types in the dogwood family, adding at least two feet of growth each year. Ideally planted where they provide an easy view, one can position coral red dogwood shrubs against a wall that receives ample sunlight from the south or west in winter. A fitting combination is the yellow twig dogwood for a stunning display. But whether there are its yellow cousins or not, coral red dogwood shrubs are better to look at when grown in masses, and their widely-spreading root systems render them effective as erosion control.

As one of the few shrubs that survive in boggy conditions, red twig dogwoods have a good tolerance for most soil and light conditions, with the production of new stems having the best color. To retain the coral red color, keep a systematic routine of removing the oldest branches, and plants can handle a bit of trimming to help rejuvenate their growth. Its preferences include partial shade or full sun, moist soil, low spots along streams or ponds, and a wide range of temperatures. Hardwood cuttings in the late fall may take up to a full year for the cutting to root, but once fully embedded, go right ahead to planting saplings in the landscape.

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