Crane's Bill Geranium offer a variety of colors and textures to almost any garden.

Crane's Bill Geranium

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They are a prolifically flowering plant that provides a versatility few others can match. You may want to add interest to your garden with a variety of colors from light lavender, pink, and white to more vibrant purples and reds. There is some confusion between the cranesbill geranium, of the genus Geranium, and the other bedding geranium knows by the Latin name Pelargonium. It is confusion in name only, as one's appearance is different from the others. You will enjoy the long season of color this relatively carefree plant brings to your landscape.


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From that point, however, you will appreciate a steady showcase of flowers until late fall. There's such a wide variety of Crane's Bill Geranium s that you may want to plant some in potted plants, others in a more shaded setting where ground cover is required, or perhaps you have a spot directly in the sun that's hard to fill. While most cranesbill geraniums are perennial, some species fall into the annual and biennial categories. Also, owing to the more than 400 species of the genus Geranium, they have a range of hardiness zones from 4 to 9. The hardiest geraniums range is the height of 3 inches up to 2 feet. Their standard spread should be no more than four feet. If you want to transplant in early spring, you can separate and divide the plants in the fall, but that's not usually necessary. Just add a light fertilizer in the early spring to get them started again. Where ever you decide you want to add the benefit of cranesbill geranium to your garden, you'll have a pest and disease-free flowering beauty to enjoy for a good long while.


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