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Creeping Myrtle Vine is a beautiful flowering, ground-covering perennial that adapts quickly to pots, garden beds, or trellises.

Creeping Myrtle Vine

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Creeping myrtle, or Vinca minor, is often referred to as the common or lesser periwinkle.

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It belongs to the dogbane family and is a broadleaf variety;An evergreen perennial brings interest year round with its abundant leathery greenery and pastel flowers; It has a trainable, creeping habit. Another everyday gardening use is for natural weed control. Creeping myrtle attracts butterflies, pollinators, and provides habitat and shelter for small animals and birds; The vines will grow moderately to fast rapidly. Creeping myrtle does exceptionally well in USDA growing zones 4a to 9; It prefers a mildly acidic pH to the mildly alkaline soil; The dry or partially moist soil is best for the vines. Plants will thrive in most sun conditions, making it versatile. A hardy plant that requires little maintenance and still grows well in the poorest of soils, including clay and sand. Vine height remains short, averaging 3 to 6 inches from the ground. The vines can grow up to 18 inches long. Plants will root where the stems touch the ground. Broad, flat leaves are dark, leathery, and shiny. Oval leaves grow in pairs on the plant’s stems, giving a lovely contrast during blooming. Its leaf size is .79 to 1.77 inches long and .39 to .98 inches wide. Leaves are hairless. In the early spring, creeping laurel vines bloom with sweetly scented periwinkle flowers. The solitary flower shape is a five-lobed corolla and resembles a pinwheel. The focal center appears as a star and houses many seeds. Its size ranges from .79 to 1.18 in diameter. Sometimes the flower colors vary and instead of the traditional blue, the vines produce white, purple, or lavender hues. They can also bloom a second time or will bloom continuously until fall in some zones.


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Creeping Myrtle Vine is a plant that is great for yards where other flowers won’t grow. Fast growing, this plant will take root and spread over the area in no time. It has a lavender flower that contrasts well with the dark green leaves. The flower blooms in the spring and summer, making it an excellent plant to blend with daisies and daffodils. There is little care involved with this plant. Just water it every few days, and make sure you keep the undergrowth cut out so that Creeping Myrtle Vine looks healthy.


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