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Dawn Redwood Tree- 18-24" Jiffy Plugs

Dawn Redwood Tree- 18-24" Jiffy Plugs

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The Dawn Redwood Tree is one of the oldest tree varieties on earth as scientists believe that it was alive when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

This tree is indigenous to China is also one of the easiest to grow. It does exceptionally well in zones four to eight.

The dawn redwood prefers wet soil, but once it is established, it will tolerate mild periods of drought. This redwood will grow in almost any type of land. This three that often increases between 70 and 100 feet tall has a considerable canopy making it a great choice as a shade tree. The canopy often reaches a diameter between 15 and 25 feet. This tree that grows pyramidal loves the sun.

Dawn Redwood Tree trunk gets much broader and develops elaborate fluting.

Depending on the environment, the tree's wood may also become darker in color. It may also shed strips of bark exposing the lighter inner parts of the tree. This beautiful tree does an outstanding job of handling pollution making it an exceptional choice for planting near highways or in industrial areas. It also tolerates deer exceptionally well.

The bright yellowish green leaves on this tree in the spring grow to be about 0.5 inches long and about 0.25 inches wide. They appear very fragile often being described as resembling feathers. During the summer, the leaves turn a deeper green before turning red in the fall. This tree annually sheds all its leaves and some small twigs.

It also produces rounded cones that are about one-inch long. Female cones are light brown and round., They tend to be smaller than male cones that are pendant globose in shape.

While it can be grown in a large container when small, this tree thrives when given plenty of room to improve.