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Driftwood Rustic Piece 10-12″

Driftwood Rustic Piece 10-12″

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Driftwood rustic pieces 10-12” are marvelous, and they also may vary in coloration.

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Driftwood Rustic Piece

Driftwood Rustic piece 10-12″ can be great for decorating a garden or bringing a natural area to life.

They are great by themselves especially the smaller eight to ten-inch pieces in those small confined spaces. But the look great when you stack several pieces together, even in varying lengths. They can come in a varied of shapes and colors, and it can be beautiful since every bit is unique of its own no two parts will ever be identical. It can give the garden or landscape a great natural look, and it will also bring more nature to your garden, including birds and squirrels. It will be a great way to see more life and color in the garden. It gives an excellent place for vines and potted plants so that it provides a more textured look to the garden. It can be ordered online and will be ready to place as soon as it arrives.

It is found in almost any area of North America and the rest of the world. Most driftwood is located along riverbanks, at lake edges, and along the beach. Even swampy regions can house driftwood as can ocean expanses that contain wooden remains from cargo ships and even shipwrecks. With the action of erosion and waves, it is difficult to determine the origin of driftwood pieces.

In actually scouting and hunting for driftwood, all that is necessary is realizing that it can be found in places other than beaches. Lake shorelines, riverbanks, swamps, and bays can contain remnants of driftwood. Public beaches and waterways are the best and least invasive areas to find driftwood. There are types of driftwood that include:

Standard Driftwood

– most available and economical type of driftwood
– found in North America and other parts of the world

African or Savanna Root

– another common driftwood
– gnarled on one side and smooth on another side

African Driftwood

– standard driftwood appearance
– intricate in shape (hollow or ribbed)
– darker in color
– costly
– usually quite old

Driftwood comes in some sizes from literally whole tree trunks of massive proportions, to large and medium logs and branches, to smaller individualized pieces that disintegrate and break away from branches.



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