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Dwarf Mugo Pine - 4" Plantable Peat Pots

Dwarf Mugo Pine - 4" Plantable Peat Pots

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Dwarf Mugo Pine - 4" Plantable Peat Pots

Dwarf Mugo Pine

Dwarf Mugo Pine Trees
Also described as the Swiss Mountain Pine, Dwarf Mugo Pine is a low-growing pine that spreads evenly. It features dark green, stiff plants that are 3 inches long. The plant is tolerant. Therefore, it can handle poor, dry as well as windy conditions. Often used in making foundation plantings, dwarf Mugo Pine trees are also a perfect choice for various bonsai projects. It can also be used in Japanese Gardens. 


Being a natural dwarf kind of its species, the plant grows in a rugged as well as a robust, excellent form, texture, and color. It maintains a reasonable way of pruning that requires the full sun. Some of the plant's ornamental features include; 
•Emerald green foliage 
•Dwarf Mugo Pine is a dense evergreen shrub selected as well as trained to grow in the form of a tree with a grafted high atop. 
•Where pruning is necessary, it’s highly recommended to trim the new growth of the season instead of removing diebacks. 
•It's a low maintenance shrub that performs well in a mass planting. 
•It has hedges 
•It’s perfect for general garden use 

Facts and specifications of Dwarf Mugo Pine 

•Mature height is 3-4 ft, while the mature width is 4-5 ft 
•The growth rate is slow to moderate 
•Hardiness is about 3-8 
•Thrives well under full to partial sun exposure 
•Soil preference is average as it can quickly adapt to any soil including dry as well as rocky. 
•Recommended spacing is 2 ½ ft apart 

Dwarf Mugo Pine’s general health relies on organic fertilizer for use with other plant species. It's highly recommended to use a healthy line of organic foods to nurture the plant since they are super active and gentle to use on delicate, evergreen species. Moreover, it prefers average moisture levels coupled with well-drained soil. While the plant isn't particular to any soil type, it can handle the salty environment. It's also tolerant of urban pollution. Therefore, it'll thrive in city environments.
The dwarf mugo pine, also known as the Swiss mountain pine is a dwarf, spreading, low-growing pine. The dwarf mugo pine has stiff dark green needles that are typically two to three inches long. The dwarf mugo pine is a very tolerant tree and can grow in poor, dry, rocky, and windy conditions. The dwarf mugo pine is used mostly in foundation plantings and is an excellent choice for using in bonsai plantings and Japanese gardens. The mature height of a dwarf mugo pine is three to four feet, while the mature width of a dwarf mugo pine is four to five feet. The growth rate of a dwarf mugo pine is usually slow to moderate. The dwarf mugo pine grows in United States Department of Agriculture zones three to five. The dwarf mugo pine grows best in locations that provide full to partial sunlight. The dwarf mugo pine thrives in many types of soil including dry and rocky soils. The dwarf mugo pine has dark green needle foliage with a length of two to three inches. As the needles grow older, they turn yellow and are cast off the plant. The cones of the dwarf mugo pine begin as light green and ripen into a deep brown. The cones of the dwarf mugo pine contain seeds that are winged. The dwarf mugo pines can be prone to problems including borers, scale, sawflies, and wood rod. The size is the most common problem that dwarf mugo trees can have. Dwarf mugo pines are recommended to be planted two and a half to three feet apart to maintain a substantial hedge planting. To increase the health and hardiness of dwarf mugo pines, an organic fertilizer should be used. The dwarf mugo pine species is very hardy and typically requires little to no maintenance.