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Eastern White Pine - 4" Plantable Peat Pot

Eastern White Pine - 4" Plantable Peat Pot

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The Eastern White Pine tree is often used for windbreaks and to provide shade.

This tree that is a native of Chicago grows from zones 3 to 8. While it prefers well-drained soil that is slightly acidic, it is not picky as long as it has plenty of room to expand. These quickly growing trees often grow more than 50 feet tall, and 80 feet is not unusual. The trunk of this tree often reaches 20 to 40 feet in diameter when it has plenty of room to grow. It is normal for this tree to grow up to 24 inches in a year.

While the Eastern pine tree does not want to stand in water, it wants water on a regular basis. It needs at least four hours of direct sunlight every day. It grows best when planted where it can get between six and eight hours of daylight daily.

Eastern White Pine tree has soft evergreen needles that last for two years.

The needles that are between three-and-six-inches extended a stay on the tree for two years before dropping. This tree also produces pine cones. The male cones are brown with white resin tips, and they can be up to eight inches long. The female cones are found in pairs surrounding the male cones. They are slightly smaller and have a yellow tint. Both male and female cones are long and slender with a slight curve to them. They are covered in brown scales.

These trees tolerate the cold exceptionally well. They have problems, however, tolerate the wind. When they are young, they need to be protected from harsh winds.

When this tree is young, its bark is light gray. As the tree matures, the bark turns darker. Then, the tree's bark develops dark furrows adding visual interest to landscaping. It may also lose part of its bark revealing a lighter gray color under it.