Ebony spleenwort fern's unique, sprawling shape adds interest to the shaded garden.

Ebony Spleenwort Fern

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USDA Climate: Three to Eight Tree Height: 6 inches to 1 foot 3 inches Tree Spread:10 inches to 1 foot 3 inches Soil Type: Acceptable to a variety of soil type-soil must be well drained. Sun Type: Partial Sun (low to high), the plant will grow in

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The spleenwort fern's unique, sprawling shape adds interest to the shaded garden.Spleenwort Fern fronds range from bluish or grayish green to medium green and resemble those of other ferns, but the spleenwort fern has a darker, purplish stem. Hardy in Zones 3-8, Spleenwort Fern grows in a variety of soils, but requires good drainage, and prefers partial sun to full shade. In nature, the spleenwort fern grows in rocky crevices, so it grows best in slightly acidic soil that contains humus. Easy to maintain, this Fern may reach heights of six inches to a foot. A low-maintenance perennial, this Fern adds interest along borders in wooded areas, underneath shade trees, and along shaded pathways. Ebony Spleenwort Fern is also an excellent specimen plant displayed in a container.

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They have a lovely green color that they maintain all year round. These small ferns make excellent potted plants and grow well in terrariums. For outdoors, they can be used to line the garden or as a ground cover for a sunny spot. The Fern loves to grow on rocks as well.Ebony Spleenwort Fern is asymmetrical in shape. The Spleenwort Fern stems are a bright reddish brown. Spleenwort Fern fertile fronds of this type of Fern grow straight up, while the non-fertile fronds grow in a horizontal direction. Ebony Spleenwort Fern spores are located on the back of the fronds. It is important to remember that these small ferns grow to be less than a foot tall so they will get lost in a busy garden with a lot of tall plants.


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