Elderberry Live Stakes are edible, and it is from these that you will get the actual elderberries.

Elderberry Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Sambucus Nigra Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 10-20 ft Width- 10-20 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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The plant initially comes from Central Europe, and Northern America, and is commonly found in empty fields, lining forests, or along roadsides. The main reason people choose to grow Elderberry is due to the many, many health benefits that elderberries can provide. So by all means, use the plant for any landscaping projects you may have, but rest assured, you are going to find a large number of other benefits that the berries will provide as well. They are edible, and it is from these that you will get the actual elderberries. Elderberries can be collected and turned into a large variety of different items;  jellies, wines, pies, jams, and even into vitamins, which a lot of people prefer to do.

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You have the Black-Lace elderberry, which has darker purple leaves, pinkish flowers, and a dark red/blackberry. You also have the Strait-Lace elderberry, which will make dark maroon leaves, and pink flowers. Lemon-Lace elderberry has beautiful golden colored leaves and white flowers. And finally, the Black-Beauty elderberry which is very similar to the Black-Lace elderberry.The choice is entirely up to you as far as which one you want in your garden or yard, but despite what you choose, the benefits will remain the same. Elderberry is extremely popular as a source for alternative medicine. Due to the number of vitamins and various anti-oxidants in elderberries, they have been increasingly popular when it comes to battling cancer. So plant them in the sun or shade, and watch them thrive. Come summertime, enjoy harvesting your elderberries, and invest in your health with these live elderberry stakes.Live stakes: Elderberry Live Stakesare live wood cuttings that come from various types of plants. At first glance, these wooden stakes look like they don’t serve a function in society, but don’t be fooled because live stakes help with several useful features. One of their most important roles is to generate a smooth roof surface, which can become stable by renewing soil particles and merging them to create a whole entity. Another function that these plant cuttings offer to society is that they help improve the visual appeal of a garden by acting as a home for several wild plants, and they are used to anchor down specific materials and plants. These cuttings grow to be 3 to 8 ½ inches in diameter and 2 to 4 inches in length. 

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