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English Ivy

English Ivy

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English Ivy Hedera helix Hardy Planting Zones - 4-8 Sun or Shade - Full Shade, Half Shade/Half Sun, Full Sun Mature Height - 4-6" Mature Width - 96" Bloom Season - Early to Late Summer Gardener Status - Beginner

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Engilsh Ivy is incredibly versatile in this way, and these robust, beautiful English Ivy will add a look of sophistication to any home or garden.

English Ivy, also known as common ivy, or by its scientific name, Hedera helix, is a vining plant that can climb almost any surface.

They are most often seen growing on a trellis, or even on the outer walls of a home. They can grow to be 50 feet or even longer, but they get to this length very slowly. The first two years, they will grow what seems to be very little, but by their third year of maturity, their growth rate increases significantly.

English Ivy is a long vine with three-point arrow-shaped leaves, and it can add a quaint, classy, and natural look to the space it occupies. It doesn’t have to climb to be beautiful, though; it also makes a lovely ground cover or like a hanging basket. English Ivy should be planted in Spring, and it is deficient maintenance. Before they are established, all they need is for their soil to be moist; after they are created, they will tolerate dry ground very well. This is excellent news for anyone growing English Ivy that is climbing because you do not need to be able to reach the highest parts of the plant to be able to take good care of it. This plant can be grown in climate zones 5-11 and prefers partial to full sun but does just fine in a shady area. English Ivy looks perfect on its own but is also suitable among other climbing plants, such as sweet pea, wisteria, or jasmine–its broad, dark green leaves provide a perfect complement to colorful flowers. As a ground cover, it looks best with wildflowers, such as forget-me-nots or violets. 

English Ivy


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