Fern Grab Bag - 10 Ferns Perfect For Your Growing Zone

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Ferns Date Back To Way Back Before Dinosaur Times, And They Have Survived Long Enough To Evolve Into About Over Ten Thousand Species

To say that ferns are one of the oldest groups of flora is an understatement, as they have had fossil records dating to the middle Devonian period, which was about three hundred and eighty-three to three hundred and ninety-three million years ago. However, recent divergence time estimates imply that their ancestry dates back even further than that, but most of the earliest ferns died off despite the group's venerable age. The ferns we see today are just recent evolutionary species in geologic time, many of them a mere seventy million years.

That is not to say that they are not one of the most diverse groups of vascular plants on earth, and with their ten thousand and five hundred living species, only flowering plants outnumber the diversity of ferns. Their considerable age is not the only factor for their extreme evolutionary divergence because only one anatomical feature unites them. This trait requires observation of each stem's vascular tissue development. Most ferns have long, creeping rhizomes that form intricate networks underground, which is helpful in dormancy stages when leaves senesce in the cold seasons, as these rhizomes persist indefinitely and utilize the stored energy supply to grow new fronds year after year.

Ferns come into two groups: the eusporangiate and leptosporangiate. These refer to how sporangia mature, and a given sporangium develops from multiple initial cells on the stems' surface or leaves in eusporangiate. In the leptosporangia, sporangia arise from just one initial cell, producing a stalked capsule with just one cell layer in thickness. Leptosporangiate are progenitors of the fern diversity's bulk, comprised of ten thousand and three hundred and twenty-three species, grouped into forty-four families, most of which are homosporous. The order Salviniales, which contains heterosporous aquatic ferns, poses as an exception to this rule.

Our Fern Grab Bags Offer Ten Selections For You To Pick Out For Your Garden And Raise Them To Your Ideal Fit

Ferns propagate via millions of spores to the ground; however, only a few will find the right conditions to grow. With so many different ferns available, one must approach each of them individually to understand its characteristics and cultural needs fully. Ferns vary from one another, as some are as tall as trees, and others reach a meager inch at most in height. With the vast array of fern species out there, fern grab bags have ten selections for your very own to raise and cultivate how you like them. Grab packs give you more options to set up your ferns around the garden and watch them as they grow in different sizes and shapes, adding more feel to the landscape.

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