Ferns are plants containing stems of upright, leafy fronds, elaborate leaf patterns demonstrating intricacy as well as texture.

Fern Grab Bag- 25 Ferns, Perfect For Your Zone

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We do not guarantee you specific plants or varieties, we ship what's available in surplus for our grab bags & we always send hardy plants for your area.

Fern Grab Bag is an Incredibly Diverse Group of Plants 

They are an incredibly diverse group of plants with no single characteristic defining them. They happen to be one of the few plants able to perform capably in both home and outdoor landscaping environments. Ferns can be cultivated for use as ornamental plants. Furthermore, they aid in accenting other plants and trees in addition to serving as lovely ground cover. Gardeners are looking to cover bare spots need only to plant ferns as a solution. They provide a uniform appearance and provide a valuable service by keeping weeds at bay. Ferns are a non-flowering plant that aid in preventing soil erosion. Unlike flowers, which produce seeds, ferns use fronds when producing new plants.

Fern Grab Bag Provide Significant Services such as Air Purification

Regular watering is key to maintaining a healthy, thriving fern. It is best not to allow the soil to dry out before watering. No additional care is necessary to protect the fern. They have proven to be highly resistant to bugs, pests, and diseases. Consequently, they do not attract deer or rabbits, both of whom are capable of causing havoc in your garden. These plants are a resilient plant, adaptable to areas providing shade as well as sunlight. Known for their low maintenance, ferns will provide lush cover and ask only for frequent watering in return for proving an elegant look for your garden or home. Ferns grow at a rapid rate, resulting in a bushy plant with a height averaging one to two feet. Ferns provide significant services, acting as air purifiers in the home. Their ability to filter impurities from the air makes them highly beneficial to our health. Experts recommend plants like ferns to aid in breathing and cleaning the air. Some species provide vital ingredients necessary for homeopathic medicinal use. Some countries use edible ferns as a source of food.

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