Fern moss is often used to provide attractive ground covers.

Fern Moss

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Common Fern Moss - Thuidium Delicatulum 4a to 8a Partial Sun to Medium Shade 4" to 16" tall Several Inches Wide Spring Growing Season Beginner Status

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Its name comes from the fact that its loose strands resemble tiny bright yellow-green ferns; found in shaded woods and wetlands throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. It does well in a wide range of temperatures. Fern Moss is also known as Thuidium. There are several different species of this moss, but they all form mats. These mats can either be in grassy areas or on soil, rocks, logs, or bases of trees. They are native to the Northern Hemisphere. However, only about ten of the species is native to North America. This moss has cylindrical spores that will mature around late summer to the beginning of fall. It will grow best in hardy planting zones 3-11. The growth rate is up to 12 inches per year.
Fern moss gets its name because of the way it grows; it can look similar to a fern with its large fronds and branches. They are flowing and look identical to small twigs. They have a dark green color when they are mature, but then as they are dying out or dry them can turn a dull brown color. This type of moss can be used in floral arrangements or planted indoors for a great piece. It has tall, slender but full branches that have a bright green look to them and when paired with flowers with color, it will give off a beautiful look. It can grow up to 2 feet tall and outward of up to 18 inches wide. This moss loves moisture, so it needs to have its roots wet at all times. It is relative to over 100 different types of mosses, and all of them love the shade in places that other plants cannot tolerate it.

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