Fern plants grab bag have a mysterious beauty that leads our imagination to the mystical.

Fern Plants Grab Bag - 10 Plants Chosen Perfect For Your Zone

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Fern Plants Grab Bag is a Variety of Beautiful Ferns

Ferns have a mysterious beauty that leads our imagination to the mystical. These plants have been around during the dinosaur age and before. This speaks well for their hardy nature. If you have partial shade to full shade areas in your yard that drains moisture well, ferns would be ideal. They like organic compost, and it should be added in the hole when planting as well as around the plant yearly. They are generally very low maintenance perennials that do not flower. There are a variety of types that can be blended to make a new landscape garden. Here are some suggestions:  Holly Fern (Polystichum spp.) This beautiful native fern is deer resistant and can be used as a ground cover. It keeps its green fronds well into the winter. The cuttings are often used to decorate the house during the holidays. The plant has also been used for erosion control. They can be used in containers. Lady Fern (Athyrium spp.) These ferns are appropriately named as they are dainty as well as lovely to look at. Three colorful varieties are the Japanese Painted Fern, The Ghost Fern, and the Lady in Red. The Japanese Painted Fern silver fronds have burgundy stems with hints of red and blue. The Ghost Fern is taller, with silver fronds, than the Japanese Painted Fern which spreads. The Lady in Red has lacy green fronds with bright red/violent stems. Wood Fern (Dryopteris spp.) This hardy fern begins with coppery fronds in springtime, shifts to green in the summers, and is a rust tone in the fall. The clumps need to be divided every few years to look their best. They drop their leaves by winter. Maidenhair (Ferns Adiantum spp.)


 Fern Plants Grab Bag are Often Used to Decorate Houses and Shady Areas

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