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Flame Leaf Sumac

Flame Leaf Sumac

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Latin Name-Copallina Lanceolata Zones 3-9 Mature Height- 20 ft Mature Width- 15 ft Sunlight- Full Sun

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Flame Leaf Sumacs are pretty tough trees. For example, they are pest, disease, heat, cold, and drought tolerant. This makes them ideal for some locations.

Flame Leaf Sumacs are native to North America and are often found through areas in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. These plants reproduce by underground rhizomes. The leaves of Flame Leaf Sumacs are pinnately compound with about 15 leaflets. Most reach a height of about 20. In some cases, these trees can reach heights of 30 feet.

 Flame Leaf Sumacs name is an excellent description of the color of these trees. During fall seasons these trees left turn from green to orange and red.

During certain seasons these berries are edible and many use them to make tea since they are so high in vitamin C. Blooming will usually occur in July and August. The growing conditions are rather simple. Flame Leaf Sumacs require low to medium use. They grow best in rocky soil or clay. It’s best to plant them in areas where they will get plenty of sunlight without other trees too close. Usually, these plants will only have to be watered during their first growing season to help establish roots. Afterward, average rainfall will be all it needs. These trees often attract birds and butterflies which makes it a great addition to anyone who loves nature.

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Flame Leaf Sumac Tree is also known as Copallina Lanceolata. Hardy planting zones are 3-9. The growth rate is 1 to 3 feet per year. This tree adds an impressive amount of bright red color to any garden or natural areas. It will look amazing in the summer months when this tree is in bloom. This will make a great ornamental tree and will stand out from the rest of the trees and plants.

This tree can grow to be 12 to 20 feet tall and can also be around 15 to 20 feet wide when fully grown. This is a great tree to add the right amount of color to a garden and will make it magnificent when this tree produces its beautiful red colors. This tree does best in full sunlight and partial shade in gardens and natural areas. When this tree blooms, it will give beautiful white and yellow flowers that can be enjoyed. This tree will have a very bright color of red during the fall months of the year. It will also produce berries that will attract a wide variety of birds to a garden or property.

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